All about eddies for G-man

Interested in ocean eddies? Gavin is!

What are ocean eddies?

No, not that ocean eddie.  Ocean eddies are swirling currents that spun off of a main surface current.  In the NOAA image below, you can see two eddies that have broken away from the Gulf Stream in the waters off of New Jersey and Massachusetts.












Learn more about eddies here and here is a nice ocean eddie project for kids (and moms and teachers).  Also look for the eddies forming between Brazil and Africa in the animation below of Sea Surface Temperatures:


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  1. Roxie says:

    This is absolutely wonderful ! John I think an ebook could be great inspiration for homeschoolers plus school classrooms to try and instill real learning . not just sit in the desk type of work .this offers info that will infact involve all types of learners and multi age teaching which I think our society needs to return to we’ve been in the habit to long of seperating age levels and as we’ve seen both young and old benefit from each other so much .
    is there a catagory on the sidebar for teachers/homeschoolers ?
    are there others like you who work in other areas of science and teach in this style of real learning ?who could also make blogs like this as well and you could all link to each other ?
    as I said we do not live near the ocean but we are very interested in our own water eco system as our family is from and lives on lake Winnipeg .David Suzuki just did a show for his Nature of Things about the lake .it is really a sad situation and that it only took a few generations for the lake to get this bad .
    I will post this site to a few of my homeschool lists we are on .
    Thanks again !

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