World’s ocean winds and waves are growing

Bad news for ship captains and other mariners, good news for surfers and kitesurfers. Hat tip to Carrie

Wind speeds and wave heights over the world’s oceans have been rising for the past quarter-century. It’s unclear if this is a short-term trend, or a symptom of longer-term climatic change. Either way, more frequent hurricanes and cyclones could be on the horizon. – Read the full story at New Scientist here

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  1. jebyrnes says:

    See also this interesting work by Peter Bromirski and colleagues – Basically, looking at the SF tide gauge from 1858-1950 (roughly) the average largest winter storm wave size stays about the same. Then it starts to go up through 2000 (the end of the data set). It’s an observation that, along with climate model projections, inspired this.

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