Causing explosions crustaceanologically

Marine biologists generally aim to publish research in fancy-pants journals read by other science geeks. And that’s all good. But what a thrill to see our favorite critters — from bone-eating worms to eviscerating sea cucumbers to narwhals — in a book of poetry!

I’ve just received this wonderful new book of poems for all ages, that cameos all manner of bizarre and fascinating animals, and is written in engaging verse by Leslie Bulion with beautiful drawings by Leslie Evans.

Leslie (Bulion, that is) contacted me a while back with a few questions about snapping shrimp, and I’m delighted to say that they now star on the cover of her new book (at right). So maybe it’s not the cover of Rolling Stone, but it’s way cool – thanks Leslies! Here is her ode to my little friends:

Party Poppers
by Leslie Bulion

Bubbledee troubledee,
Sponge-dwelling social shrimp
Clack one big claw to make
Trespassers stop.

Causing explosions
Filling the ocean with
Snap crackle POP!

There are lots more where that came from, all beautifully illustrated, and as a bonus each vignette comes with a short explanation of the natural history of the animal, and in the back an explanation of the type of poem. I anticipate kids pleading to their local grown-up to read these poems over and over (and over and over) again. Should be a popular present for Christmas, birthdays, and summer reading this year — I know it will be on my shopping list!


4 Responses to “Causing explosions crustaceanologically”

  1. John Bruno says:

    Emmett, you are really into shrimp! I thought it was just a phase (like the china doll collection). But 15 years on and, well, you seem pretty preoccupied with them!

  2. Emmett Duffy says:

    Yes, I suppose some might consider it a fetish. I hope you’re not making fun of my china doll collection . . . 😉

  3. So glad you like the book. Thanks for sharing it! I love Leslie Evans’s cover–now snapping shrimp can be the poster children for sea creature poetry!

  4. Emmett Duffy says:

    Thanks for visiting Leslie – great book! If the muses keep you out at sea, we hope you’ll find more material here at SeaMonster.

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