Sea monster proves to be a regular animal

The mystery is solved. After more than a week of holding their collective breath, sea monster enthusiasts throughout the world can now rest easy, albeit a bit deflated. The serpentine 30-foot creature that washed up on a Scottish beach has been identified by a crack team from the Scottish Agricultural College.

Alas, it appears that the carcass was not the remains of an unknown beast from the mysterious icy depths but rather merely a young pilot whale that lost its way.  The verdict from Dr. Andrew Brownlow:

“I would speculate that it was a juvenile that became separated from its group and could not survive on its own.”

The carcass, looking for all the world like a prehistoric reptilian monster, washed up and was found by a couple out for a  stroll with their dogs on the beach. Guess we can close the file on that one. Here’s what the monster would have looked like in life:

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