Shark week on SeaMonster

Tomorrow is day 1 of the Discovery Channel’s famed “Shark Week” – a 7 day orgy of sharks behaving badly, ie, eating stuff.

I know zillions of people love it and I know there is some education value there. In fact, this years Shark Week web site has quite a lot of good educational content on sharks and shark conservation.

However, the underlying message is that sharks are killing machines that should be feared. The Discovery channel wouldn’t condone it, but in many places – and in many peoples minds – this gets translated into a sharks must be exterminated mentality.

So, join our week-long feeding frenzy of sharky images, videos, conservation news, and biology.

Tell us your fav shark stories, share your links, videos, ideas, experiences, etc. And help us spread the gospel of the shark:

Sharks are cool. Sharks are really old. Sharks are important (ecologically and economically). Sharks are beautiful. Sharks are threatened by overfishing. Don’t fear sharks. Conserve sharks. But don’t hug a shark!

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