Don’t go whale watching

Don’t go whale watching is what my kiteboarding instructors Brandon and Trevor told me when I first learned. The idea is that when you head out offshore, you are supposed to turn around and tack back in and not “whale watch”, ie, don’t go too far out!

Well late this afternoon I went for a kitesurf off the beach in Mancora Peru and literally went whale watching.  On almost every tack out, there were humpbacks breaching all around me.  Insane.

This whole trip – and today in particular – has reinforced for me what we are trying to do at SeaMonster; it embodies the spirt of the site and the kinds of content we are working to develop.

The group comes from a diverse background; doctors, businessmen and several pro-kiters and watersports industry leaders. Everyday we all load into vans and rumble south along dusty and bumpy coastal roads in search of waves and wind.  We always find both but also spend a lot of time marveling at the beauty of this crazy landscape and how wonderfully rich the ocean is here.  We whale watch every day (from land and sea), we gawk at flocks of diving Peruvian boobies and cormorants, check out fur seals on the beach, and stare at gooseneck barnacles (OK, maybe all the guys aren’t so jazzed about the barnacles).

We all share an obsession with ocean sports and get a kick out of ocean wildlife.  There are daily conversations about overfishing, environmentally friendly ways to manufacture surfboards and all the fracking plastic bags on the beach.

And tomorrow we’ll do it all over again. [vimeo][/vimeo] REAL Watersports co-founder and team rider Matt Nuzzo on a custom Stretch board and the 2012 Liquid Force Envy.

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