Kitesurfing Tres Cruces

I’m in Peru, kitesurfing with the crew from REAL watersports.  What an amazing place.  We are staying on the beach in Mancora at the superplush Samana Shakra yoga resort and venturing south into the frontier everyday for wind and waves.  Our guide “Pulpo” (or “Octopus”, a large former military guy of some sort that travels with 8 knives in our rented minivan) has been bringing us to “Tres Cruces”, a killer point break with miles of empty beach downwind of the small rocky point.

The contrast between the productivity of the land and sea is remarkable.  It is extremely dry and sandy with only scrubby brown vegetation – or none at all.  While the sea, due to the strong upwelling and very narrow continental shelf, is extremely productive.  The ocean is covered with diving Peruvian boobies, cormorants and pelicans, there are humpack whales breaching between feeding bouts and Peruvian fur seals on the more isolated beaches.  Definitely a unique place.  Just don’t come without a guide!

[cincopa AoAAtvqWKUi_]

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