Life at sea

Miriam Goldstein has a super post up at DSN¬†about the logistical challenges of floating libertarian paradises like the conceived “Seasteading” city above. She points out that it can get, well pretty rough at times at sea (in some places all the time). Stuff exposed to salt water and air tends to corrode (in a matter of days-just ask any boat owner). Then you’ve got those pesky problems relating to the provision of food and water, waste disposal, crime, defense, health care, etc. Still, I’d be down with living in this rig if they could add a point break. Read it all here at DSN

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  1. Thanks for the kind words and the link, John! I must admit, I would LOVE to see the libertarians use the free market to solve the perennial at-sea problem of “who took down the entire marine sanitation system by flushing something inappropriate down a head?”

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