Shark in the streets of Puerto Rico. (OK, we ARE making this up.)

Late-breaking erratum: My initial suspicion of this one was confirmed by our intrepid readers and commentors Mark and David. It is, in fact, bogus. Thanks Guys!

Doh! Just missed shark week on this one. I am going somewhat against my better instincts as a scientist cum journalist in reproducing this without a full background check. I mean it could conceivably be a PhotoShop hack job. But I can’t hold back:

Hurricane Irene has evidently brought the seas up into a coastal town in Puerto Rico and, yes, sharks (and presumably other ocean creatures) are swimming through town like they own the place. Which, for the time being, they do. Perhaps nosing around for some of those scruffy feral dogs that abound in tropical settlements.

Note to self: Keep to high ground when Irene hits coastal Virginia shortly. And one more question: what on earth was the photographer doing — in a car — in that depth of water?

Hat tip to @kzelnio via @ktraphagen.

3 Responses to “Shark in the streets of Puerto Rico. (OK, we ARE making this up.)”

  1. I saw that, too… but I’m afraid it looks like a hoax.

    Here’s what appears to be the exact same shark in another image.

    Also, any water deep enough for a large shark to swim in would probably be deeper than a side-view mirror.

    I might be wrong but I’m suspicious of this image.

  2. Mark says:

    Well…maybe a little made up:

    At least the originally photo is pretty great.

  3. Emmett Duffy says:

    Blast – I knew it was too good to be true! I suppose a tipoff would be that actual hurricane water would be way too turbid to see what was swimming in it, especially among the flotsam and oil and what not.

    Thanks guys!

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