Fish head spill causes traffic jam

The AP is reporting that a huge pile of fish heads mysteriously spilled on an interstate north of Seattle is causing headaches for commuters:

A Washington State Patrol trooper dispatched to check out a report of a lost load slowing traffic on northbound Interstate 5 in north Seattle found a pile of bloody fish heads spilled across several lanes of traffic.

KOMO-TV reports that Trooper Jaime Arnold grabbed a shovel and set to work Tuesday evening.

A state Transportation Department camera shows him scooping the fish heads and moving them off the highway, even dodging cars entering from an onramp as he makes repeated trips to the side of the road.

About 10 minutes of shoveling cleared the road and Arnold headed back on patrol. ┬áState Patrol spokeswoman Julie Startup says it’s not clear where the fish heads came from.

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