Rising seas – coming to get ya

Strictly speaking, we don’t know to what extent this dramatic cliff failure can be traced to climate change and rising sea levels. But we can be reasonably confident that we’re looking forward to more of the same in the coming decades.

SeaMonster’s own Helen surfs in this vicinity from time to time — good thing she wasn’t out that day!


From Time magazine online:

“The craggy cliffs of Cornwall on England’s southwest coast have been battered by storms and weakened by rising sea levels. Increasingly, parts of the walkable coastline, which features stunning views from nearly vertical cliffs, are crumbling into the ocean . . .

The uploader notes the cliffs were at least 150 feet high, and after seeing the dust plume that results, we fear for the future of the cliffs of Cornwall. Perhaps we should visit before the land keeps disappearing.

One Cornwall councilmember seems to have a less urgent attitude, though. According to the Daily Mail, maritime manager Andy Brigden told the Cornish Guardian: ‘These things happen. … My advice would be don’t sit in front of cliffs, especially when there are signs saying “beware of falling rocks.”


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  1. Helen says:

    Wow – scary stuff. I wonder where this was exactly. I saw plenty of similar cliffs while I was surfing recently. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere near something like this lot coming down.

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