Top posts of the year from Breaching The Blue

My vote for the most unique oceans blogger of 2011 is Mark Gibson at Breaching the Blue.  Mark’s posts are typically clear yet deep analysis of marine policy with very little of the fluff so common at most oceans blogs (mea culpa).  It is a go to site for fair and balanced fisheries news.  Here is his list of his top 7 posts of the year.

  1. The Great Stagnation and the Environment
  2. Maximum Sustainable Yield: The Worst Idea in Fisheries Management
  3. Culture, Eco-Philosophy, and Saving the Planet
  4. The Great Fish Debate
  5. Review: 5 Easy Pieces by Daniel Pauly
  6. A Social Wellbeing Approach to the Global Fisheries Crisis
  7. A Fact Check for the Bluefin Blogosphere

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  1. Mark says:

    Thanks, John. This is a great compliment coming from you guys. Here’s looking forward to a new year of innovating in this space for the both of us!

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