Marine science ink

One of my favorite things about the wonderful Science Online 2012 conference (AKA Burning Man for science journalists) was the field trip to Dog Star Tattoo in Durham.  We were accompanied by science journalist Carl Zimmer, who gave a superb and funny talk on the tattoos of scientists, based on his best-selling lovely book Science Ink.

Ten of the meeting participants actually got science-inspired tattoos! Including Christie Wilcox, a grad student and science journalist who works on lionfish:


I was pretty psyched to have Carl sign the copy of his book that I won in a raffle, but Christie got Carl to sign her tattoo!  Sweet!



4 thoughts on “Marine science ink”

  1. Very cool. For my 21st birthday party (yeah, a while ago), the theme was ‘wear a fake tattoo’ (you know, those transfers). I had a little seahorse done on my shoulderblade. it was neat, but I’ve never been brave enough to have it inked in for real. And now I’m thinking a seahorse might be a bit of a cliche…

  2. Take action for a California species (including some highly migratory ones, like an albatross or whale), and win a tatoo! Check it out:

    Motto: “We wear species protection on our sleeve.”

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