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Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast – Round 4 & 5


Is the jellyfish joyride almost over?

This week, a group of researchers published preliminary results from what will be the most comprehensive review of jellyfish population data. They say that there is not yet enough evidence to support any conclusions about a global upswing in jellyfish populations. “We are not at a point to make these claims,” says Robert Condon, a […]

Panoramic images of Great Barrier Reef

File under super cool – from The Conversation: Internet surfers will soon be able to go below the surface to immerse themselves in the spectacular coral and marine life of the Great Barrier Reef, under a joint venture between global technology giant Google, the University of Queensland Global Change Institute and insurance company Catlin. The […]

New study finds ocean acidification reduces coral recruitment

Hardly a week goes by without a new study being published that documents another negative impact of ocean acidification on ocean life. Now a new paper by Chris Doropoulos (Doropoulos et al 2012) from Ove Hoegh-Guldberg’s lab at UQ reports findings of an experiment suggesting that acidification can even reduce coral recruitment. Crazy! Coral “recruitment” is […]

We need Commercial Seafood Consumer Protection in the US

The stalled Commercial Seafood Consumer Protection Act got a mention in a nice article about seafood fraud and efforts to curb it in the EU and US. This quote says it all; Although over 80 percent of the seafood consumed in the United States is imported,” the group reports, “the FDA inspects only 2 percent of […]

Saving a sperm whale

This astonishing image from the Marine Photobank shows a diver working to free a sperm whale from a tangle of fishing gear. It was taken in 1981 by Alberto Romeo when he and a team of divers from the the Gruppo Ricercatori ed Operatori Subacquei (an underwater association that defends and photographs marine wildlife) came across a sperm […]

Eating shark messes with your brain

It’s official – the news all us shark-huggers have been waiting for. Eating sharks is bad for you.                 Shark guru Neil Hammerschlag and his team form the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program came out with this potentially groundbreaking news. They tested shark fins from 7 species swimming […]

Woman: they can really surf!


Global carbon emissions update

Marching towards 400 ppm

From CO2now

John Fairfax ocean rower, dead at 74

John Fairfax, ocean rower, adventurer and hard-man, died recently at age 72. He is best known for having rowed across both the Atlantic and Pacific, but the adventures he survived seem endless. He could be as nearly as tough as Shackleton. His brief Wikipedia bio gives you a sense of his experiences; Fairfax was born […]

Warmer climate threatens ‘antifreeze’ fish

From Futurity; Fish with “anti-freeze” proteins evolved to survive arctic waters, and climate warming may now endanger their survival, research shows. “A rise of 2 degrees centigrade of water temperature will likely have a devastating impact on this Antarctic fish lineage, which is so well adapted to water at freezing temperatures,” says Thomas Near, associate […]

Breaking news: Denialgate – Internal Heartland documents expose climate denial funding network

Internal Heartland Institute strategy and funding documents obtained by DeSmogBlog expose the heart of the climate denial machine – its current plans, many of its funders, and details that confirm what DeSmogBlog and others have reported for years. The heart of the climate denial machine relies on huge corporate and foundation funding from U.S. businesses including Microsoft, Koch Industries, […]

Why bother? (doing outreach)

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Basking shark’s Pacific odyssey tracked for first time

For the first time scientists have tracked a basking shark migrating across the Pacific Ocean. Uncovering the wandering habits of the world’s second biggest fish means conservationists face an even greater challenge to protect them than previously thought. These days, there aren’t many basking sharks cruising along the Pacific coast of North America. There used […]

Sick skimboarding video


Drowning out the truth about the Great Barrier Reef

Below is a repost of an article by Dr Ove Hoegh-Guldberg in The Conversation.  One of the most straightforward climate change storylines is the link between global warming and coral reefs such as the Great Barrier Reef. When our reef waters get too warm, corals sicken (bleach), often causing disease and death. And when the corals go, […]

Portfolio effects in Salmon

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Brian Skerry on thinking like a fish and the future

In the final part of my interview with National Geographic underwater photographer, Brian Skerry, I give him the chance to talk to the fishes, to meet any animal in the ocean, and on a more serious note I ask for his thoughts on the future of the oceans. And don’t forget, Brian’s new book, Ocean […]

Shark finning infographic

And for my next trick… inflatable corals

[youtube][/youtube] Pim Bongaerts from the University of Queensland came up with the  idea of bringing a solitary mushroom coral into the lab, covering it in sand, and filming it trying to escape. Here it is, puffing its way out. Ingenious and beautiful. Question: does it make whooppee cushion noises as it does it? (they don’t mention […]

Great Decision 2012: The future of the ocean

How can we save the world?  What can an average Joe Blow on the street like us, without a colossal wad of cash to pay nefarious lobbyists, do to nudge the ship of state in the right direction? One answer, not very sexy but  more effective than just changing your light bulbs, is active participation […]

Brian Skerry on image making

In the second installment of my chat with oceans photographer, Brian Skerry, I ask him about how he goes about capturing ocean soul on camera. And Brian gives the inside scoop on shooting pictures for National Geographic. Helen: What goes through your mind when you’re underwater with your camera? Brian: Depending on the dive, many […]

The smoking gun: plot by fossil fuel giant to further corrupt the Aussie media exposed

An explosive new piece of investigative journalism Monckton, Rinehart and a plan to capture the Australian media by Aussie super journo Graham Readfearn is turning the climate change world upside down. Emmett just blogged about the corruption of our media and I had an interesting email conversation yesterday with him, Randy Olson and Steve Miller about enviro communication. Steve echoed […]