IPCC draft report leaked – shows global warming NOT due to the sun

In case you or someone you know (and if this is the case, science has shown there is a 100,000,000-to-1 chance they a) are your parents, b) are AARP members, c) are republicans, d) live in the south, e) watch Fox news) were suckered in by the most recent climate change denier propaganda, here is a post from Dana1981 at SkS explaining why it (said propaganda) is hogwash.


Alec Rawls, an occasional guest poster on the climate contrarian blog WattsUpWithThat who signed up to review the upcoming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report (as anyone can), has “leaked” a draft version of the report and declared that it “contains game-changing admission of enhanced solar forcing.”  This assertion was then repeated by James Delingpole at The Telegraph(with some added colorful language), and probably on many other climate contrarian blogs.

If the IPCC was to report that the sun is a significant player in the current rapid global warming, that would indeed be major news, because the body of peer-reviewed scientific literature and data clearly show that the sun has made little if any contribution to the observed global warming over the past 50+ years (Figure 1).  So why would the latest IPCC report contradict these studies when its purpose is to summarize the latest and greatest scientific research?  The answer is simple — it doesn’t.  Rawls has completely misrepresented the IPCC report.

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