Seamonster in Fiji – it doesn’t all go to plan

Today we were supposed to catch a ferry out to our field site. But the ferry is delayed so instead we’re catching a bus-boat combo and arriving a day late (and we only have a week set aside for science). That’s tropical fieldwork for you.

And just to show you that things don’t always go to plan, here’s a few of the sillier bits from our first video shoot here in Fiji.


I’m in Fiji with Joshua Drew from Columbia University and his team of research students. We’re soon heading out to our field site to start ths science!

Be sure to check out a couple of fantastic blogs from our Fiji team: Erin Eastwood and Amy McDermott


2 Responses to “Seamonster in Fiji – it doesn’t all go to plan”

  1. John Bruno says:

    I am luvin your posts Helen. Esp the images from the markets. And I checked out Erin and Amy’s blogs: they rock! We should add them to the links in the sidebar.

  2. Helen Scales says:

    cool, yeah for sure! We should definitely add erin and amy’s blogs. Could you add that to the list for us?

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