New report: what we know about climate change

Below is a guest post by Dana Haine, a K-12 Science Education Manager at the Environmental Resource Program (ERP) here at UNC.

A new report on climate change was released by AAAS yesterday.  According to the New York Times, “the language in the 18-page report, called “What We Know,” is sharper, clearer and more accessible than perhaps anything the scientific community has put out to date.”

Also, today, according to the New York Times, the President will unveil a website,, “that will try to turn scientific data about global warming into mapped digital presentations.”

This afternoon at 5PM the White House will host a high-level forum on plans to make the United States more resilient to climate change. John Podesta will lead an event that includes Dr. John Holdren (Office of Science and Technology), Kathryn Sullivan (NOAA), Mike Boots (Council on Environmental Quality), Ellen Stofan (NASA), and Rebecca Moore (Google’s Earth Engine).  The discussion should highlight “new announcements” from agencies and the private sector to help communities shore up infrastructure and respond to the impacts of climate change.

Live: Wednesday, March 19th– 5:00pm Eastern (2pm Pacific)

Watch it here:

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