The Island President

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ts-AnjwRFxU[/youtube] Muhammed Nasheed was the first leader to hold a cabinet meeting underwater – he was making a point about climate change and sea level rise in his vulnerable atoll nation, the Maldives. When this film was made, his story was already immensely urgent. But since President Nasheed was thrown out of power at gun […]

Saving a sperm whale

This astonishing image from the Marine Photobank shows a diver working to free a sperm whale from a tangle of fishing gear. It was taken in 1981 by Alberto Romeo when he and a team of divers from the the Gruppo Ricercatori ed Operatori Subacquei (an underwater association that defends and photographs marine wildlife) came across a sperm […]

Eating shark messes with your brain

It’s official – the news all us shark-huggers have been waiting for. Eating sharks is bad for you.                 Shark guru Neil Hammerschlag and his team form the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program came out with this potentially groundbreaking news. They tested shark fins from 7 species swimming […]

Great Decision 2012: The future of the ocean

How can we save the world?  What can an average Joe Blow on the street like us, without a colossal wad of cash to pay nefarious lobbyists, do to nudge the ship of state in the right direction? One answer, not very sexy but  more effective than just changing your light bulbs, is active participation […]

Breaking news: Decline in marine life possibly due to all the s**t in the sea, say experts

The UK’s online newspaper, the Daily Mash, reports the worrying finding that the decline in marine life may in some way be connected to all the shit, piss and bleach pumped in there every single day by everyone in the world. Dr Susan Traherne told the Daily Mash:  “As yet, there is no definite causal link […]

Money and the root of all climate change denial

[I started writing this as an addition to a string of interesting and thoughtful comments on John’s excellent post, which questions whether it is really the incompetence of scientists that’s responsible for the failure of this country to recognize climate change. But decided to post it up here  instead.] There are a host of factors […]

Untouched coral reef hotspot found in Madagascar

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/34892701[/vimeo] Filmmaker Jon Slayer has just returned from a trip to a remote corner of Madagascar. I caught up with him to find out what it was like diving on one of the healthiest hotspots of coral reef left in the country. HS: So Jon, could you pin us on the map. Where exactly are […]

Fish, Sustainability, and Used Cars: Guest post by Dr. Martin Smith

[Editor’s preface: Yesterday, we opened our discussion of seafood eco-labeling with a guest post by Dr. Tim Essington of the University of Washington. Today we present the second perspective on the Marine Seafood Council’s report on environmental certification of seafood products. Dr. Marty Smith is the Dan and Bunny Gabel Associate Professor of Environmental Economics […]

Is seafood certification the answer to sustainability? SeaMonster asks Dr. Tim Essington

[Editor’s preface: How should the conscientious piscivore forage in the complex ecosystem of the modern market? Those of us who love seafood but want to do the right thing are confronted with a blizzard of information and advice  — often conflicting — on the status of marine fish populations and the various management measures intended […]

Rise Above Plastics

An eye-catching graphic from the Surfrider Foundation. Check out riseaboveplastics.org – a beautifully-designed website with an excellent message!

Coral Sea love

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/24594032[/vimeo] Julia Stone sings her beautiful song In the City of Lights, and Angus Stone and Isobel Lucas ask for your help to protect the Coral Sea. Visit Protect Our Coral Sea to support the campaign to strictly protect more of the Coral Sea – there’s 40 days left!

Polar bears debate causes of climate change


Whale Falls: A Blubbery Oasis

In the spirit of the holiday season, let us consider the gift that really keeps on giving: dead whales! Okay, now before you get any big ideas, I’m talking about whales that have died naturally and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. These “whale falls” are a true oasis on the dark sea floor, […]

The climate conversation

There has been a big conversation in the climate-o-sphere over the last week or two about what we need to do – or can do – about greenhouse gas emissions.  I don’t agree with a lot of the points people have made, but it certainly got me thinking.  Start here with Andy Revkin and Naomi […]

Underwater “Paper Parks”?

From this week’s Nature: “The easiest way to create a nature reserve from a car park is simply to declare it as such. The land is then designated as protected, and counts towards the relevant government’s targets to set aside a certain amount of its territory from development. That is a ridiculous example, of course, […]

The Man U climate model

A plot of global temperatures and the Manchester United Climate Model reveals that half of global warming is the result of Manchester United. Read about it and similar (non-satirical) arguments by climate change deniers here. HT to Kat.

Fishy labels for seafood

Living on earth covers this important topic in marine conservation. Excerpts from the online transcript are below. Listen to the program here.  Also see more of our coverage of this topic here and read about a recent publication that found evidence of mislabeled fish with the MSC label here.  Today we launch a new series: Go […]

We are approaching climate change denial season!

from Brian McFadden

Ignoramus Nation

All of us here at SeaMonster are scientists of one stripe or another. Science is largely responsible for revealing the world of wonders we celebrate, illuminating the weighty issues we debate, heck even for designing the surfboards we ride. But science — which is nothing more or less than applied, rationale thinking — is under […]

Ocean Sour: The new millenium’s acid rain

Remember acid rain? In the 1970s, observations of dying lakes and great swaths of browning northern forest successfully spurred action to clean up emissions from power plants that were primarily responsible.  Now CO2 from human fossil fuel combustion is dissolving into the ocean on a global scale, making them more acidic.  A new paper synthesizes […]

Mangrove loss on the Diane Rehm show

Yesterday, the popular NPR program The Diane Rehm Show covered mangrove loss by interviewing biologist Kennedy Warne about his new book Let them eat shrimp: the tragic disappearance of the rainforests of the sea.   Listen here

Bluefin boycott

  Join 25,000 other people that have pledged to stop eating endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna.  We are hunting this incredible fish to extinction, regional management is not working, the industry is corrupt and market forces are against us.  So why not just reduce demand? Go here to take the pledge and to see who else has […]

Save a shark, vote for WhySharksMatter

WhySharksMatter, AKA U Miami PhD student David Shiffman, is competing for a scholarship to help support his research on the ecological importance of sharks to coral reefs.  David is still a student but is one of the most prolific and talented bloggers in the ocean blogs universe.  He is one of the trio of super-talented bloggers […]

Good day for giant manta rays

Giant manta rays hit the ocean headlines today with the news that they are to gain their first ever global protection from the many problems they face. Giant mantas (Manta birostris) are to be added to the Convention on Migratory Species (or CMS), an intergovernmental treaty set up to help get nations working together to […]