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Free diving, free falling

Another of my favourite posts from the past year… [youtube][/youtube] I’m still completely obsessed with this video of Guillaume Nery base jumping into – then climbing out of – Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas while holding his breath. It was filmed over 4 afternoons by Julie Gautier who was also freediving. I don’t have plans […]

William Trubridge and the rarest dolphins in the world

[youtube][/youtube] HT to DianeN56

Lionfish – You’ve gotta eat them to beat them

Time for a quick break from the serious stuff. Here’s a silly musical interlude with a catchy tune and an important message (I must admit I had to look up what panko is – never heard of it!). [youtube][/youtube]

How to get completely out of your depth

[youtube][/youtube] Getting into and then out of my depth.   There are all sorts of ways to get out of your depth. You can buy too many things you don’t need on your credit card, teach a class on a subject you know nothing about (ahh, the sweet sound of silence…), or run up to […]

no fins, no suit… just one breath

William Trubridge swims through the Arch at the Blue Hole in Dahab (an infamous spot, deadly for scuba divers) with no fins, no suit, and just one breath of air. [youtube][/youtube] It’s 60m (196 feet) down and 30m (98 feet) across. Insane. Pure and simple. (But also very awesome). And here’s Natalia Molchanova doing the same thing […]

Freedivers Are Testing the Bounds of Human Endurance

Photo credit: DeeDee Flores By Tammy Kennon from the NYT here Bahamas — Shouts of “Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!” pierced the tropical air and echoed off the limestone precipice around Dean’s Blue Hole, a vertical cavern plunging 660 feet, a cobalt blue pool of seawater surrounded by crystal-clear shallows and white sand. Bathing-suit clad spectators stand in […]