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Scents and sensibility

Scents and sensibility

From the Economist. Courtney Endres is a PhD student at Carolina in the Lohmann lab. JELLYFISH may not be most people’s idea of a tasty snack, but if you are a loggerhead turtle, they are top of the menu. Though jellyfish can swim, they are not exactly the greyhounds of the ocean, so they are easily […]

Between the harvest: internationally banned. legally harvested.

Check out this beautiful trailer to a short documentary about collecting olive ridley turtle eggs during their mass nesting or ‘arribadas’ (arrival by the sea) in Ostional, Costa Rica. From the Between the Harvest website: Told through the eyes of both people and turtles, this short documentary delves into one of the biggest controversies in the marine world: […]

Wallace J. Nichols – the loggerhead turtle

Blue Marbles founder and all-round ocean good guy Wallace J. Nichols appears on this month’s Naked Oceans podcast as he faces the question “If you were a marine critter, which would you be, and why?” Here’s what he had to say… [mp3j track=”Critter of the Month on the Naked Oceans podcast@″]

Turtle deaths linked to shrimpers in Gulf

  First the sharks, now this. Sea turtles have been washing up on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in alarming numbers in recent months. Another casualty of the massive BP oil spill?  Not directly, although there may well be a connection. It appears that the culprit is at least in part a surreptitious […]

Leatherback Sea Turtle Nests Increasing in Florida

Interesting finding by Larry Crowder, one of the world’s leading sea turtle population biologists. His work was key in the imposition of Turtle Exclusion Devices into shrimp nets. The authors postulate that the increase was due in part to climate change (=more food) and overfishing of sharks (=fewer predators). With climate change there will be lots […]

Tiger Sharks vs Turtles

This is great footage of my crazy colleague Mike Heithaus working in Shark Bay, West Australia. [youtube][/youtube]