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Coming to America: Massive Debris Patch From Japanese Tsunami

From the Voice of America: U.S. researches say a huge amount of debris from remnants of Japan’s coastal towns swept away in last month’s tsunami is moving across the Pacific Ocean and could reach the United States in the next few years. University of Hawaii researchers are projecting that the first batch of debris, including […]

Sea monster sparks tsunami panic

Not this again . . . THIS deep sea monster sent people running for their lives when it was reeled in on a Taiwanese beach. The 12ft yellow ribbonfish reportedly sparked tsunami panic because of its size. The species is normally found only in deep waters, but was hooked on a line off the coast […]

Japanese whaling towns destroyed by tsunami

Japan’s tsunami seems to have succeeded — where years of boycotts, protests and high-seas chases by Western environmentalists had failed — in knocking out a pillar of the nation’s whaling industry. Ayukawahama was one of only four communities in Japan that defiantly carried on whaling and eating whales as a part of the local culture, […]