Overview For the majority of nosedivers, respiring while acqua nosediving is done by the use of a regular aqualung. A nosediving container, either 13 or 16 liters 80-100 Square Foot, along with a collection of levelers (the bit that connects the oxygen in the individual container to the individual mouth so that an individual can … Read more

10 Different Kinds of Octopus

Overview Octopodaes are underwater wonders of eight-limbed, smooth creatures. Marine species are known for their unique appearance, with their large, rounded heads, bulging eyes, and tentacles, however their physical characteristics can vary from species to species. Around three hundred species of octopods remain. Atlantic Octopoda This sort of octopod is very thin, less than 6 … Read more

10 Different Jellyfish Species

This rundown of 10 different forms of Scyphozoa (Jellyfish was made to praise the top coelenterates and a great infographic devoted to these incredible yet bizarre organisms was made. Most people believe that Scyphozoa are probably the smallest organisms found in the sea, but they actually come in different sizes. Currently, about 2000 species of … Read more

5 Best Catfish Rods For Bass Fishing in 2021

Shakespeare Wild Cat Spinning Fishing Rod Check Latest Price St. Croix Avid Spinning Rod Check Latest Price Abu Garcia Catfish Commando Fishing Rod and Reel Check Latest Price Catfish is one of the best freshwater fish to eat in the USA, and fishing for them is a lot of fun. Most young anglers start by ... Read more

A Full Guide on the Dangers of Micro plastics

Overview Micro plastics are a waste material of these manufacturing processes which are globally dispersed by physical processes such as ocean waves and cause results far from where they originate.The subject has achieved significant publicity in current years as micro plastics have been detected almost anywhere in the world, raising concerns about the effects on … Read more

7 Best Bass Fishing Rods in 2021

St. Croix Rods Legend Xtreme Casting Rod Check Latest Price St. Croix (TRS60MF) Triumph Spinning Bass Fishing Rod Check Latest Price Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Fishing Rod Check Latest Price If you’re a beginner at fishing, choosing a good bass rod may be overwhelming, but there is no need to worry. Understanding the importance and ... Read more

40 Facts about Tiger Sharks – Key Tiger Shark Facts

Overview Tiger sharks are a significantly fast-growing, extremely fertile, and bountiful species responsible for producing plenty of offspring. They are an organism that manages to flourish because of their large global distribution and strong birthrates. Frequently captured and accidentally harmed by fishermen targeting other species, and in some instances deliberately captured in target fishing, tiger … Read more

40 Facts About Great White Sharks-Key Shark Facts

Overview There are sharks significantly older than dinosaurs.Their history dates back over 500 million years, and they are one of the best stories of achievement in evolution. With six highly developed senses of sight, sound, contact, smell, taste, and even electromagnetism, these animals are highly adapted to their coastal environments. 40 Facts About Great White … Read more

15 Most Endangered Species of Sharks in the Entire World

Overview Each year, it is recorded that about one hundred million sharks are slaughtered by people for different purposes. This number contains several of the earth’s most threatened sharks. The Pondicherry Shark The Pondicherry Shark is seriously Threaten on and could well be extinct now. Even though it seemed to be plentiful in the Indian … Read more

15 Common Scuba Hand Signals for Safe Scuba Diving

Overview Communication is important for secure scuba diving. However, with the second stage of the controller in the mouth, it’s extremely difficult to certainly communicate a message to one’s mate. This is when finger signs from scuba diving come through. Okay The very first sign is the “Okay” hand gesture which most scuba divers understand. … Read more

14 Facts About Jellyfish – You Might Not Know All of These

Overview Out of the oldest ancient creatures on World which are actually living now are jellyfish. However, many animals that are named jellyfish are member of the phylum Cnidaria, that contains more than 5000 organisms. They are also greatly different. Take some time to partake in these humorous jellyfish factual information. You may be shocked … Read more

12 Facts about Manatees

Overview Large in size, grayish in color and enlarged in form, manatees are a wonderful underwater mammal that lives in the rivers and marine areas of freshwater, brackish or coastal environments. Manatees feed on both underwater and floating plants, usually located on coastlines with vegetation, eelgrass and other grass, and spending a significant portion of … Read more

10 Things Scuba Divers Can Do to Help Save Our Oceans

Overview The interconnected and important part of the Earth ‘s environment is the seas, oceans and coastal regions that are vital to global growth.They occupy around 2/3 of the face of the globe and comprise 98 percent of the water of the world. Seas, by providing safe livelihoods and good jobs, lead to alleviating poverty. … Read more

10 Struggles of a Scuba Diver – The Life of Scuba Diving

Overview Wonderful marine life and mysterious shorelines from around globe have turned common tourist attractions in their very way, as scuba diving is a common leisure activity.It must not be ignored, though, that scuba diving is an intense sport requiring preparation and a permit. Also has its many strange incidents and possibly serious threats. Some … Read more