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Shrimp farming – not cool

Shrimp farming - not cool

A great piece on shrimp farming from environment 360 by Marc Gunther: Carlos Perez, a well-to-do businessman, has been farming shrimp in Ecuador since 1979. He has seen the industry boom: Ecuador exported about $1.2 billion worth of shrimp last year, and its shrimp farmers employ about 102,000 people. He has also watched as shrimp farms have […]

The political economy and ecology of fisheries

Below is a guest post by my colleague and workout buddy, Dr Elizabeth Havice, a fisheries economist and tuna guru in the Department of Geography here at UNC. And what of the people, places, politics, and economics behind change in fisheries systems? Here on SeaMonster we see all sorts of amazing stories about the creatures […]

Brendan May on the Alaskan salmon fishing industry’s withdrawal from MSC

Another voice on seafood labeling; former MSC CEO Brendan May. HT to Breaching The Blue.  This pieces was originally published here. Some rather troubling news for eco-labels this month with the decision by the Alaskan salmon fishing industry to withdraw from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) programme. A decade ago, Alaska salmon became the first fishery […]

Fish, Sustainability, and Used Cars: Guest post by Dr. Martin Smith

[Editor’s preface: Yesterday, we opened our discussion of seafood eco-labeling with a guest post by Dr. Tim Essington of the University of Washington. Today we present the second perspective on the Marine Seafood Council’s report on environmental certification of seafood products. Dr. Marty Smith is the Dan and Bunny Gabel Associate Professor of Environmental Economics […]

Is seafood certification the answer to sustainability? SeaMonster asks Dr. Tim Essington

[Editor’s preface: How should the conscientious piscivore forage in the complex ecosystem of the modern market? Those of us who love seafood but want to do the right thing are confronted with a blizzard of information and advice  — often conflicting — on the status of marine fish populations and the various management measures intended […]

Fishy labels for seafood

Living on earth covers this important topic in marine conservation. Excerpts from the online transcript are below. Listen to the program here.  Also see more of our coverage of this topic here and read about a recent publication that found evidence of mislabeled fish with the MSC label here.  Today we launch a new series: Go […]