What is the World Endangered Species Day? When is it? Who created it?

Introduction There are various celebrations, literally every day of the year, in different world countries. While some of them are joint celebrations in all countries, others are only peculiar to some countries. Nevertheless, every country has a reason for celebrating the occasion, with citizens showing active participation one way or another. In the United States, … Read more

What is the World Octopus Day? When is it? Who created it?

Introduction Everything one earth is important, regardless of whether they seem that way or not. The reason is because these resources contribute to a stable ecosystem; their decline or unavailability automatically affects another population of plants or animals or humans that depend on them for various reasons. So, yes, everything you see needs proper management … Read more

What is the World Penguin Day? When is it? Who created it?

Introduction Not many people still realize that because they see some animals, that means they have a flourishing population. That is totally untrue because many of them are endangered, and it’s only a rare opportunity that some of them are still in plain sight. One of these animals yet to be properly identified as endangered … Read more

What is the World Turtle Day? When is it? Who created it?

Introduction Aquatic animals deserve so much attention as people give to terrestrial ones. If the aquatic ones don’t survive, there is no way it won’t affect those on land. One of the many incredible ways to ensure that recognition is given to them is by celebrating their existence. Turtles are one of the few magnificent … Read more

What Should Scuba Divers Do for Their Own Safety?

Introduction Diving is all about experiencing life in a new place, i.e., the marine world. It is fun until it seems a bit dangerous if some things go wrong. Before that happens, scuba divers are advised to take some safety precautions to avoid injuries caused by diver error. Ideally, you need to know what you … Read more

World’s Most Interesting Marine Mammals

Introduction Contrary to popular opinion, marine animals aren’t all ferocious and dangerous; it would interest you to know that many of them are fun-loving and adorable. Marine mammals are a different bread of animals because they exhibit different characteristics, separating them from other sea animals. For instance, they have mammary glands, breathing lungs, and even … Read more

What do Jellyfish Eat? What is a normal Jellyfish Diet?

Introduction One of the many marine animals of interest is the Jellyfish. It sparks people’s interest because of its small size but a huge role in maintaining a stable ecosystem. Some large marine creatures depend on it as a food source. People often ask: “what is a jellyfish’s diet if other creatures depend on it?” … Read more

What is a Dive Computer? – Dive Watches & PDCs Explained

Introduction The difference between an amateur and a professional diver is the readiness to invest in premium accessories and equipment to aid the diving experience. You may only want to consider the basic and safe essentials; however, as you progress, you start to realize why you need even better. One of the many things to … Read more

What Is Biodegradable Sunscreen? Why is it recommended?

Introduction There are many things you need to pay attention to when going snorkeling or diving, apart from accessories or equipment. Dipping your body into water areas confirmed suitable for these activities requires you to be careful – there is a chance you could harm life living underwater. Many divers could be wearing harmful, toxic … Read more

What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

Introduction In 1997, huge piles of plastic were found accumulated offshore. There were different zones in which this occurred; however, the Great Pacific struck environmentalists the most. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch also called the Pacific Trash Vortex, is the world’s largest offshore plastic accumulation zone. It is found in the central North Pacific Ocean … Read more

How Does a Snorkel Work? – Types of Snorkels Explained

Introduction Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are quite similar because they both involve the underwater experience with gear. While the former requires some levels of expertise, the latter is more like a hobby – fun to anyone new or experienced. Snorkeling requires not too much equipment; the snorkel seems like the only important thing needed. Unfortunately, … Read more

How Old Do You Have To Be To Scuba Dive?

How Do You Know You Are Ready to Start Scuba Diving? The underwater environment is one with several interesting moments –diving, snorkeling, surfing, or swimming. While each of these activities differs from themselves in one significant way or another, there are quite alike in other aspects. Scuba Diving is one of the most loved water … Read more

How to Treat Basic Marine Life Injuries? – Important Must-Know Tips For Divers

Introduction You could experience several injuries underwater – they could go from mild to severe, depending on the cause. If you ever encounter any of these marine injuries, treatment/first aid procedures are explained below. Jellyfish Stings One of the commonest marine injuries is Jellyfish Stings. It could range from benign to malignant depending on the … Read more

How to Catch Catfish: Guide for Beginners

Introduction Catfish fishing is so much fun if you know how to go about it. This type of fish is somewhat difficult to catch because they fight hard and they are willing biters. However, if you think about the great taste and how many you could catch in a single day, you would discover that … Read more