How To Adopt A Great Whale Shark

Overview The Whale shark is also known as Rhincodon.The biggest fish in the sea are Rhincodons, the largest reaching up to 20 m long and weighing 41 tons. They are sweet, plankton-eating giants despite their size. Plankton is among the smallest species in the sea. When filtering the water and anything in its way, Rhincodons … Read more

How To Adopt A Dolphin

Overview Dolphins are incredibly intelligent marine mammals and, like orcas and pilot whales, are members of the toothed whale family. They are found around the world, usually in shallow continental shelf waters, and are carnivores, feeding mostly fish and crabs. Dolphin coloration varies, but with darker backs than the rest of their bodies, they are … Read more

How To Adopt A Basking Shark

Overview The basking shark is also called a mackerel shark. The mackerel shark is the second biggest fish in our oceans, with the whale shark’s largest. Given their size, mackerel sharks prey only on zooplankton that they filter out of the water, swimming slowly with their massive mouths fully open, back and forth. When they … Read more

How Deep Can a Human Dive Without Scuba Gear? What is the Freediving World Records?

Overview Free diving, particularly in the open ocean, involves plunging underwater without a breathing system. It is rare and can be very dangerous. With no diving gear, a free jumper can take one incredibly full breath and dive several feet under the water. Planning, practice, and control are required. Deep plunging is described as a jump that … Read more

History Of Scuba Diving

Introduction SCUBA is an acronym that stands for “SELF CONTAINED UNDERWATER BREATHING APPARATUS.” Notwithstanding, the word SCUBA has become a modifier to portray the well-known water game, scuba diving. How interesting! Through passing on a wellspring of pressed air, a scuba jumper can remain lowered in the water longer than with the fundamental breath-holding techniques … Read more

Guide To Top Snorkeling Beaches In Belize

Overview As an indisputable favorite of Central America, Belize is extraordinary compared to other vacation spots in the locale. Recently known as the British settlement of Honduras, the nation is found wonderfully among Mexico, and Guatemala is the lone country with English as an authority language in Central America. Belize is known among explorers for … Read more

How To Adopt A Manatee

Overview The Manatee is also referred to as Trichechus manatus. Big, grey aquatic mammals with bodies tapering to a flat, paddle-shaped tail are Trichechus manatuss. They have two forelimbs, called flippers, with each flipper having three or four nails. They have a wrinkled head and face and whiskers on the snout. The elephant and the … Read more

How To Adopt A Great White Shark

Overview In most semiarid waters worldwide, great white shark sharks are most abundant around New Zealand, Africa, and California. Their diet consists of mammals with warm blood, mostly pinnipeds (seals and sea lions), dolphins, whales, squid, and fish. Spotted for their teeth, jaws, fur, and fins that collect exorbitant costs and are growing demands, big … Read more

Guide to Top Snorkeling and Dive Spots in St Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Overview In the middle of the vast extended stretch of the US-governed Caribbean Islands sit a cluster of exquisite pockets of lands called the Virgin Islands, famous for their alabaster beaches, lush-green hills, and luxuriant reefs. The largest of these islands emits the most vibrant beauty, with its unadulterated charm reiterated in its name, Saint … Read more

10 Best Beach Bags For Mom And Families in 2021

Lifewit Collapsible Cooler Bag Check Latest Price YETI Camino Carryall Bag Check Latest Price SoHo Collection Mesh Bag Check Latest Price Best Beach Bags For Moms And Families Review Summer gets us all pumped, the sunny weather, there's calm water and visiting the beach is the best for this time. Visiting the beach with family ... Read more

6 Best Baitcast Reel in 2021

Abu Garcia (Revo Toro) Baitcast Fishing Reel Check Latest Price Shimano CURADO DC, LowProfile Baitcasting Reel Check Latest Price SHIMANO Curado K Baitcast Reel Check Latest Price To make your fishing trip more fun, you can go for a selection of the best baitcasting reel. Baitcasting reels will give you optimum control over any big ... Read more

Best Scuba Diving In USA

Introduction Over the years, scuba diving has been considered a natural way to connect to the marine habitat, the ability to ‘Fly’ and move freaky underwater is just unique. Scuba diving opens your eyes to a whole new world underwater and the total weightlessness you feel not having to deal with gravity. Whether it’s just … Read more

Types of Fishing Lines

Introduction Do you know that you can go fishing without a rod, nets, etc., but not without a fishing line? This shows the very importance of a fishing line in fishing/angling. Other tools like fishing hooks, sinkers, floats, rod, reels, nets, etc., does matter but a fishing line is one of the most important. This … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Turtles

Overview Turtles are some of the oldest reptiles in the world today, and the fantastic creatures have been around for over 200 million years. They are easily noticeable with their huge, usually dome-shaped shells that serve as a protective layer for the creatures. Unlike tortoises which are also members of the Testudines order of reptiles, … Read more

Everything you Need to Know about Sharks

Overview Sharks are one of the most dreaded creatures in the seas. They are considered one of the deadliest creatures in our seas and can be found in all the seven oceans in the world. Most common depictions of sharks show them with long snouts and wide jaws located under their snouts. There are, however, … Read more

Does Sunscreen Harm Corals & Marine Life? Is Your Sunscreen Killing Marine Life?

Overview Many recent studies are focusing on how the activities of humans affect marine life, and it should come as no surprise that a lot of man’s activity affects the balance of the ecosystem. One of the most recently studied impacts of man’s activity on marine life is how sunscreens affect coral reefs and other … Read more