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What is a water sandal?

A water sandal is a type of sandal that is used for activities where the feet get wets such as Kayaking. Water sandals are mostly made from mesh and they have a strong sole that prevents bruises and cuts when walking in wet, muddy, or rocky environments.

Mostly, water sandals have tiny holes on their bottom and sides to aid in quick water drainage, this, in turn, helps in keeping the wearer’s feet dry, keeps the shoe light, and increases its lifespan.

As we all know, water sandals feature an open-toe design and they are among the most used water shoes. These sandals are known to have a good grip on your shoes through their straps and their traction is also good due to the rubber soles they have.

Their excellent grip is one of the reasons why they are very popular and they are very comfortable when king along a river, or a beach.

However, there are certain activities that water sandals aren’t good to be worn during them example camping because water sandals will leave your feet exposed to branches, rocks, thorn & stinging insects, as such your legs can easily be hurt.

They’re also not good for long-distance hiking as they lack ankle support which can leave your feet hurting after wearing them for a long time.

Uses of water sandals

Water sandals are the most popular type of water shoes used for playing and being around water. These might be due to how comfortable one will feel wearing them, how affordable they are and how they work well for different situations. Below we shall take a look at some specific uses of water sandals


This is one of the most ideal uses of water sandals. These shoes are perfect for protecting the sole of your feet when you’re swimming. Wearing sandals will also make you feel more safe and comfortable thereby giving you the chance to have a better experience when swimming. Just make sure you get a durable water sandal that won’t fall apart easily due to regular contact with water.

Summer Floating:

Another good use of water sandals is wearing them during summer floating. When the weather is warmer and you won’t be going on much hiking, water sandals will be the perfect footwear you’ll need. These shoes are lightweight, easy to put on and off, not too sweaty, and give your feet all the necessary protection it requires. However, water sandals aren’t ideal during cold weather, as your feet are likely going to be exposed to cold.

Strolling around town:

Water sandals might not look as nice as normal leather sandals but they’re still very okay for wearing around the town. The sandals have superb traction that works best in all conditions from wet environments to sandy ones. They’re also so light that you might forget you’re wearing anything on your legs.

Walking on the beach:

Another ideal use of water sandals is walking on the beach. If you’re going on an outing with friends to a beach and you’re stuck up with the idea of what shoe to wear, water sandals are the perfect option. They work well on sandy areas and wet pavements.

These aren’t the only times you need to wear water sandals, they’re also perfect for, hiking on wet terrain, aquatic fitness, tubing, swimming (both inside pools and in oceans and rivers), fishing, boating, kayaking, and other paddle and water sports.

Why do you need water sandals?

You might be wondering, are water sandals essential? Do you need them? Well, water sandals are very important when you’re undergoing any water sport. They’ll protect your feet when you step on sharp rocks and reduce the risk of slippering on docks. Below are some reasons why you need a water sandal:

For your safety and protection:

Though water sandals don’t cover the entire foot they have a thick sole which is essential in protecting your feet from slippery surfaces, hot surfaces, and sharp shells or rocks. This is very important when you’re around water having unpredictable and rocky landscapes. Choose a style the fits your feet perfectly and prevents stubbed toes. Water sandals keep your feet safe and keep unnecessary sand off them.

They’ve to offer good Support and traction:

Water sandals feature a special design that provides maximum traction on slippery surfaces, including docks, decks, wet sand, and water equipment.

These shoes are great for underwater and beach use, they also offer optimum ankle support and are perfect for walking through trails, creek beds, beaches, and streams.

They’re lightweight and dries quickly:

You aren’t supposed to feel like you’re wearing anchors when you’re underwater. Our traditional shoes often get heavy when they’re waterlogged, this will in turn make you uncomfortable and deprive you of the smooth movement you need underwater, this is because these shoes are designed to be worn on dry land only. Water sandals, however, are designed to be worn both inside and outside water. They feature sipped outsoles that helps in removing water when you step on the ground, making them great for traction too.

Normal shoes drain and absorb water because they don’t have sipped outsoles. So you’re likely going to experience discomfort once you get out of water. This will, in turn, pave way for blisters, mold growth, and unwanted odor if it’s a shoe. A good water sandal is made from well-aired fabrics having multiple perforations and drainage points that help in draining water from the sandal.

They’re comfortable to wear:

For enhanced breathability, water sandals are made from mesh material and they are very flexible, thus keeping the feet cool. This helps in allowing improved water flow when you’re inside water and better drainage when you’re out of the water.

If you’re not staying for a long time in the water, think of choosing a sandal with increased heel cushioning. This is the best for activated like sailing, kayaking, and boating.

Factors to note when choosing a Water Sandal

Just like any other thing, there are certain factors to note before choosing a women’s water sandal. Below are some of those factors:

The Sole:

The first thing to note when choosing a water sandal is its sole. Make sure the sole is thick and has an aggressive tread pattern. A good option is the Vibram soles, though they’re mostly used in hiking shoes, some good water sandals feature them also. Therefore if you come across a water sandal with a Vibram sole, don’t let it go as it is likely going to have good traction on slippery surfaces.

The Quality of the sandal:

The important thing to note when choosing water sandals is their quality. Poor quality sandals aren’t durable they quickly tear apart. Regular entering water spoils bad-quality sandals easily. A good-quality sandal will be able to withstand regular immersion in water for a long time before it starts tearing apart.

The material it’s made from:

Most water sandals are made from synthetic materials with nylon being the most popular. If you’re buying a water sandal for water sports, avoid any that’s made from leather, as leather tends to break down over time when it’s immersed continuously in water.

Make sure it’s a water sandal, not a beach sandal:

Irrespective of which brand you prefer, make sure you’re getting a water sandal and not a beach sandal. Water sandals are perfect for rocky rivers and swift flow streams. Beach sandals are okay for beach activities, but they aren’t durable enough to withstand water activities. If you’re finding it hard to know the difference between water sandal and beach sandal, here’s a simple way water sandals are generally heavy-duty as they’re designed for heavier and more strenuous work. Beach sandals on the other hand are lighter and are meant for short trips to the beach and quick walks. Also, water sandals have stronger and heavier soles while beach sandals have lighter and airy soles.

By now, I’m pretty sure you have a sound knowledge of water sandals, and you’ve made up your mind on whether to get one or not. If you’ve noteed buying one, below is a review of some best women water shoes on Amazon

The 4 best water sandals for women Are Reviewed Below

Here we shall take a look at the 4 best water sandals for women that are available on Amazon. Shopping for the perfect women’s water sandals can be daunting especially if you’re a novice in the water activities world, you might end up choosing from the wrong brand. To save you from such, we’ve decided to review the 4 best women’s water sandals that are available on Amazon. These sandals are made from durable materials, and they come at a friendly price. Each one is reviewed together with its important info and specs. Grab a cup of hot coffee as you go through the list:


KEEN women whisper sandals

The Keen women whisper sandal is a durable sandal that can be used as a water sandal or a regular one.

The sandal features multi-directional lugs with razor sipping that helps in providing extra grip on slippery and wet surfaces. The sole of the sandal is a none marking rubber imprint thereby it doesn’t leave markings when you wear it indoors.

Featuring a lace lounge bungee capture system helps in providing a secure fit and also offers a quick way to on and off the sandals. For enhanced cushioning, it comes with a compression-molded EVA midsole, this also helps in keeping the feet comfortable.

The sandal is built on a women-specific foot form but a bit wider than a regular one for increased fit and comfortability. Its iconic toe bumpers offer additional safety that helps in preventing injuries and bruises.

The KEEN women whisper sandals can be used on beaches, seas, mountains, and streets. The brand believes that any place that’s not ceiling is outdoors, they also believe in hybrid life which means being part of a community of people that play outdoors, create opportunities, and care for the globe.

An additional good feature of the sandal is that it’s machine washable, with a small amount of detergent you can wash it and air dry it.

Key Features:

  • Traction: It features multi-directional lugs and razor shipping that help in providing a great grip on wet and slippery surfaces.
  • Nonrubber outsole: The outsole of the sandal is nonrubber as such it doesn’t leave an imprint when you walk indoors
  • Comfort and support: It features a compression-molded EVA midsole that provides more cushioning making you feel more comfortable. Its lace lock bungee closure system helps in providing secure fit while offering a quick way to on and off the sandals
  • Fit & insole: The sandal is built with a women-specific foot that’s wider than the industry standard for added fit and comfort. Its non-removable EVA footbed has added arch support to keep you comfortable all-day
  • Safety and protection: The sandal features an Iconic toe bumper that offers additional safety and protects your feet from getting injured
  • Machine washable: All Keen sandals can be machine washed and air dry.


  • Brand: Keen
  • Weight per shoe: 8.7 oz / 246.6gm
  • Fabric type: Polyester
  • Origin: Imported
  • Material of the sole: Synthetic
  • Type of closure: Lace lounge bungee closure
  • Cleaning tip: Can be hand washed or machine washed
  • Lifestyle: Waterfront
  • Type of toe: Bump toe
  • Type of outsole: Multi-directional lug pattern
  • Type of midsole: Compression-molded EVA for added comfort
  • Suggested users: Females
  • The shoe provides the maximum grip while ensuring the wearer is comfortable
  • The sandal can be used for both normal day wearing and during water activities
  • It can be washed with a machine or with hand
  • Some customers complained that the sizing is different
  • Some customers complained that the stitches use to unravel easily
  • Some customers complained that there’s little flexibility to adjust


TEVA Women Ankle Strap Sandal

The Teva women’s ankle Strap sandals are full injection-molded EVA sandals that are well crafted to be lightweight, supportive, and super comfortable. It features an easy hook and loop closure that makes it easy to on and off the sandal enabling you to get the right fit.

If you’re a vegan, then this sandal is the perfect option for you as It is vegan footwear as it was made from plant-based materials and synthetic.

This Teva women sandal is easy, light, and fun to wear. The full injection molded Eva sandals were designed to be supportive, lightweight, and comfortable enabling the wearer to enjoy most out of the time he/she is wearing them. They are so light to the extent that they can float down the river with the wearer.

The water sandals can also be worn around town, while on the beach, and during water activities as it is ultra-comfy, gravity-defying, and nearly indestructible. The straps help in holding your leg tightly but keep you comfortable. can be used during walks or festivals.

It is recommended by the brand that you should avoid exposing the sandals to direct sunlight and high temperature this will reduce their durability i long way. You can easily clean your Teva women’s ankle strap sandal with a soft sponge or rag and small detergent inside warm water. However, the brand has not specified whether It can be machine washed or not.

Key Features:

  • They feature a lightweight design: The Teva women sandal is a full injection Eva molded that is designed to be comfortable, supportive, and super lightweight.
  • They feature an adjustable fit: It comes with the hook and loop closure making it easy to on and off the sandal. And also enables you to get the right fit.
  • It is vegan footwear: The sandal is made of synthetic and plant-based materials making it the perfect wear for vegans
  • It is ultra-comfy: The sandal take summer shenanigans to the next level with the silhouette design that’s nearly indestructible, gravity-defying and ultra-comfy
  • Recommended care tips: It is recommended that you should keep your shoes out of direct sunlight and high temperatures when you off them


  • Brand’s name: Teva
  • Manufacturer’s name: Teva
  • Weight per shoe: Nil
  • Origin: Imported
  • Material of the sole: Synthetic
  • Type of Outer material: Ethylene and Vinyl acetate
  • Type of closure: Hook and loop closure
  • Outsole: Multi-directional lug pattern
  • Midsole: Compressed EVA for added comfort
  • Care tips: Do not keep it under direct sunlight and high temperatures
  • Suggested users: Females
  • Size: Different sizes are available
  • It’s is made from synthetic and plant materials only making it the perfect sandal for vegans
  • It has an easy hook and loop closure and gives you the right fit
  • It can be used for water activities, festivals, and going around the town
  • Some customers complained of different sizing
  • Some customers complained that the toe strap is wide and it’s not adjustable


CIOR Women’s Sport Sandals Hiking Sandals with Arch Support

The CIOR Women’s Sport Sandals Hiking Sandals with Arch Support is a durable water sandal that’s crafted with care to get a perfect look.

The water sandal features a cushion Eva yoga mat insole that is soft and can absorb effects. Its footbed is also textured to provide a superior grip while keeping the wearer comfortable.

The sandal also features arch support that helps in providing support to the foot when its wearer is standing. The arch support also helps in restricting excess pronation during the gait cycle and also controls the foot.

The heel straps of the sandal are padded and soft thereby they reduce grinding and protect your leg from blisters when you walk a long distance with the sandal.

The sandal comes with an easy hook and loop closure of ingenious design making them easy to on and off. Its outsole is an anti-skid and soft rubber sole that gives you safe and well-secured footing while preventing your leg from abrasion and slips. Its woven straps are highly durable and ensure a comfortable fit.

CIOR women sandal is a lightweight water sandal having arch support that provides support to the foot, reduces stress on feet and knees, and also relieves fatigue when standing. The sandal can be used when enjoying on the beach, during water activities, shopping, or casual walks

Key Features:

  • It features an EVA Footbed: The sandal has a cushiony EVA yoga mat that is very soft and can absorb impact. The footbed is also made in a way that it can provide extra grip.
  • It has arch support: The sandal has arch support that’s built into it to help in providing support to the foot when the wearer is standing. It also helps in controlling the foot and reduces excess pronation during the gait cycle
  • It provides heel protection: The CIOR women water sandal features a soft padded heel strap that reduces chafing and protects the heel from blisters when the sandal is worn for a long time
  • Easy to use closure: It comes with an easy hook and look closure of ingenious design making it very easy to on and off the sandal
  • It features an anti-skid outsole: The sandal comes with a skid-resistant and soft rubber sole that gives you a safe and secured fitting while protecting the feet from slips and abrasions


  • Brand’s name: CIOR
  • Manufacturer’s name: CIOR
  • Origin: imported
  • Weight per shoe: Nil
  • Type of Outer material: Ethylene-vinyl acetate
  • Type of closure: Buckle type
  • Type of sole material: Rubber
  • Type of upper material: Polyester webbing
  • Suggested users: Females, kids,
  • Size: Different sizes are available
  • Color: Different colors are available
  • Arch support: Present
  • Specific uses: playing on the beach, casual walks
  • It has a cushiony EVA yoga mat that is soft, thereby making your leg comfortable
  • It has arch support that helps support the foot when you’re standing
  • Its closure is easy to operate
  • Some customers complained that the soles are too flexible


EQUICK women arch support athletic Sandal

Another perfect option when choosing a water shoe for women is the Quick women athletic sandal. The sandal has a cushiony EVA yoga mat that can insole that can absorb impact and it also has arch support built into it to help in supporting the foot while standing. The arch support also helps in restraining the foot and reducing pronation during the gait cycle.

It comes with an easy hook and loop closure having padded heel straps making it a very comfortable sandal to wear and adjust, it is also very easy to on and off.

Featuring an anti-skid and soft outsole that helps in keeping the foot safe and secure while preventing abrasion, the EQUICK women’s sandal can be used for both water activities and normal wearing.

Being lightweight and easy to carry makes them the perfect shoe for beach, pool, hiking, gardening, shopping, and other indoor and outdoor activities.

Because of the presence of polyester webbings, the women’s sandal is extremely durable and dries easily when washed.

Key Features:

  • It features an EVA footbed: The sandal comes with an EVA yoga mat insole that’s capable of absorbing impact and providing the required grip
  • It has arch support: It also has arch support that is built into it directly which helps in supporting the foot when standing and restricting excess pronation during the gait cycle
  • It features a creative design: It comes with a hook and loop closure system making it comfortable to wear and also easy to adjust to the preferable fit
  • Skid-resistant outsole: It features an anti-skid, a soft outsole that gives a safe and well-secured footing and also prevents slips
  • Durable: The sandal is made from 100% polyester thereby it is very durable and lasts long
  • Easy to clean and quick dry: Due to the presence of polyester webbings, the sandal is very easy to clean and it dries quickly.


  • Brand name: EQUICK footwear
  • Manufacturer’s name: EQUICK footwear
  • Origin: Imported
  • Type of closure: Hoop and loop
  • Type of sole material: Rubber and yoga mat insole
  • Type of outer material: Polyester
  • Fabric type: 100% polyester
  • Classification: Arch support casual sandals
  • Color: Different colors are available
  • Arch support: Present
  • Suggested users: Women
  • Sizes: Different sizes are available
  • Specific uses: Beach, Hiking, water activities
  • It has arch support that helps in supporting the foot while standing
  • It can be used for hiking and gardening
  • It is durable, easy to clean, and dries easily
  • It features an easy to use adjustable closure
  • It has a skid-resistant outsole that prevents slipping and abrasion
  • Some customers complained that the interior yoga mat is too slippery
  • Some customers claimed that the sandal is of low quality

Buying Guide Questions

We’ve talked extensively on women’s water sandals above, from the meaning, uses, why you need them, and also the factors to note when choosing one. We’ve also reviewed 4 women’s water sandals from Amazon. Here we are going to look at some questions that are asked by buyers about sandals, water sandals, and shoes in general

What are the most comfortable ladies’ sandals?

We can’t figure out which ladies’ sandal is the most comfortable because every person will have her preference and it also depends on the size of foot, age, and lifestyle. However, some brands are known to manufacture comfortable ladies these include:

Teva Sierra



Vionic Kirra

Sorel Out N About Plus

Olukai Utena

Sofft Mirabelle

Skechers 600 brilliancy sport

Clark’s Laisa Lakelyn among others

What is the most popular woman Birkenstock?

The most popular woman Birkenstock is the Birkenstock Arizona. The shoe boasts a signature cork footbed and features a double strap design. The straps have buckles that help in providing an adjustable fit. The footbed is a three-layer; a top layer of suede, a middle layer of foam, and a cork layer underneath.

Are Birkenstocks in design?

Yes, Birkenstocks are still in design. They’re some latest designs that were in Raze in 2021. Just look for a perfect design and rock it.

Should you size up or down for Birkenstocks?

When buying Birkenstocks, you can choose your size by adding 33 to your U.S men’s size and adding 31 to your U.S women’s size. Just make sure your leg can move freely without your toes hitting the edge of the footbed. Some wearers also like to choose a size that’s a little big thereby leaving a little space behind the heel and in front of the toes.

Are wedge Sandals in Style?

Well, wedges can’t be called the most stylish shoes now and they aren’t out of fashion either. Wedges are known to enable your ensemble irrespective of what you’re wearing.

How do I choose a water shoe?

There are some factors to note when choosing a water shoe, these include secure grip, protection, snuggle fit, water resistance, waterproofness, terrain, traction, durability, bulk, size, draining water, support and others.


Water sandals are extremely important for water activities like swimming, playing on the beach, and other outdoor activities like hiking. When choosing a women’s water sandal, check if the sole is sturdy, check the material, the quality of the shoe, and make sure it is a water sandal, not a beach sandal. An additional importance of water sandals is that they can be used as beach sandals and some can also be used for hiking.

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