Can Coral Farming Save Our Dying Reefs?

Overview Coral is a colony of myriad genetically identical polyps. The vibrant, otherworldly underwater capes of polyp ridges are as distant to most of us as the moon’s alien landscapes. We rarely, if ever, witness these underwater wonderlands for ourselves; we are, after all, air-breathing, often wrapped in cities by terrestrial creatures. Therefore, it is … Read more

15 Most Endangered Species of Sharks in the Entire World

Overview Each year, it is recorded that about one hundred million sharks are slaughtered by people for different purposes. This number contains several of the earth’s most threatened sharks. The Pondicherry Shark The Pondicherry Shark is seriously Threaten on and could well be extinct now. Even though it seemed to be plentiful in the Indian … Read more

10 Things Scuba Divers Can Do to Help Save Our Oceans

Overview The interconnected and important part of the Earth ‘s environment is the seas, oceans and coastal regions that are vital to global growth.They occupy around 2/3 of the face of the globe and comprise 98 percent of the water of the world. Seas, by providing safe livelihoods and good jobs, lead to alleviating poverty. … Read more