About Us

There is a story behind the creation of The Seamonster. A thalassophile had a vision of creating a resource about ocean life because of his passions. Therefore, he went to work, and through his tenacity and diligence, a site about marine and water toys, water preservation, and marine exploration now exists. The site helps many readers interested and working in these niches, and he feels that his efforts are paying off.

Many ocean lovers and travelers need a reliable, reputable, informative, and engaging website about marine-related travel and the ocean. You will find plenty of engaging content about water sports such as fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and more. In addition to that, you’ll find information ranging from travel tips, marine-related sports, marine gear and equipment reviews, and scientific content on marine conservation.

The Sea Monster is a high-quality, engaging resource because the contributors help keep it that way. Other than the founder himself, an environmental scientist and diver, a travel specialist, and a travel writer and enthusiast contribute to The Sea Monster. To learn about each of the contributors, click on their bios.

Jackie Stephenson

Jackie Stephenson was born in San Diego, California, and grew up by the beach. She spent plenty of time by the ocean and always hung around the beach with her friends and family. Over time, Jackie developed a love for marine life and the environment and wanted to study environmental science. After attending the San Diego State University and taking the Environmental Sciences Program, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. Jackie also did plenty of diving and studying marine life while she was in university.

Jackie explored many coastal regions in different areas of the world, including Australia, the Middle East, and Indonesia. Jackie is a worthwhile contributor to The Sea Monster and loves her job as an environmental scientist. She is married with a daughter and lives a vegan lifestyle, and it brings her a lot of satisfaction to teach her daughter the importance of caring for the environment.

Morgan Whittaker

Morgan Whittaker was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and he was always the natural type to explore during his youth. He yearned to experience any exciting adventure imaginable, which landed him in trouble often. Morgan did not know what he wanted to do for a living during his youth, but he thought about going into the travel industry. Morgan attended South Seattle College and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science in Hospitality Management. He worked as a travel specialist after graduation in Honolulu in Hawaii, where he moved.

Morgan also learned snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving after moving to Honolulu, which became his passion. He has traveled to all seven continents too. He is a great contributor to The Sea Monster as he provides plenty of content on snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, and more. Besides enjoying life by the ocean, Morgan is studying several languages during his spare time and is interested in spirituality.

Ryan Fox

Ryan Fox was born and raised in Malibu, California, and spent a lot of his time on the beach growing up. The beach was his home, and he loved the ocean, and that has not changed. However, his interest in business and marketing is why Ryan attended UCLA and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Ryan worked at a digital marketing agency in Malibu’s hometown, catering to clients selling beachwear and water sports gear and equipment.

Ryan was inspired to create a website that served as a resource for those interested in water sports, marine exploration, and water conservation since he is a thalassophile. That motivation is the reason that The Sea Monster exists. His three contributors to the site are the reason the site is engaging and informative. Ryan is married with three children and a dog, and aside from loving the beach life, he likes cooking and traveling.

Stacey Hampton

Stacey Hampton was born and raised in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and took creative writing during her youth. She always had big dreams of traveling to various places in the USA. She loved to write, and she also wanted to become a travel agent. After attending a local college, Stacey worked as a travel agent for ten years. During that time, she also offered writing services to private clients after taking private courses in freelance writing.

Stacey also traveled to many areas of the world, including the rest of the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Japan. She exclusively writes for clients in the travel industry and is a worthwhile contributor to The Sea Monster. Today, Stacey lives in Boston and is married with two girls and a Bichon Frise. Her interests include gardening, home decorating, and crocheting.