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What Should Scuba Divers Do for Their Own Safety?

Introduction Diving is all about experiencing life in a new place, i.e., the marine world. It is fun until it seems a bit dangerous if some things go wrong. Before that happens, scuba divers are advised to take some safety precautions to avoid injuries caused by diver error. Ideally, you need to know what you … Read more

What do Jellyfish Eat? What is a normal Jellyfish Diet?

Introduction One of the many marine animals of interest is the Jellyfish. It sparks people’s interest because of its small size but a huge role in maintaining a stable ecosystem. Some large marine creatures depend on it as a food source. People often ask: “what is a jellyfish’s diet if other creatures depend on it?” … Read more

What is Shark Week? When did it begin? Why is it helpful for marine preservation?

Introduction Some countries pay attention to other living creatures in the environment besides humans. By living creatures, that means both terrestrial and marine. There is a direct relationship between the two habitats, and man’s influence on them determines whether a stable ecosystem can be achieved or not. Marine life piques the interest in the conservation … Read more

What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

Introduction In 1997, huge piles of plastic were found accumulated offshore. There were different zones in which this occurred; however, the Great Pacific struck environmentalists the most. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch also called the Pacific Trash Vortex, is the world’s largest offshore plastic accumulation zone. It is found in the central North Pacific Ocean … Read more

How Does a Snorkel Work? – Types of Snorkels Explained

Introduction Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are quite similar because they both involve the underwater experience with gear. While the former requires some levels of expertise, the latter is more like a hobby – fun to anyone new or experienced. Snorkeling requires not too much equipment; the snorkel seems like the only important thing needed. Unfortunately, … Read more

How to use scuba under water

Introduction Scuba diving may be done recreationally or expertly in various applications, comprising scientific, military and public safety roles. Still, most retail diving obtains surface-supplied diving appliance when this is possible. Scuba divers immersed in armed forces covert strategies may be inferred as frogmen, combat divers or attack swimmers. Underwater diving, similarly known as underwater swimming, swimming performed underwater either with a limited … Read more