Why Do You Need A Strobe Dive Light? Underwater Flashlight Tips


Having to spend some time underwater can be refreshing. You get to experience an environment you are not used to. Nevertheless, it would be best if you didn’t go to this new place without being properly geared up, especially when there is always poor visibility. One of the many things you will need as a piece of basic scuba equipment is a flashlight.

Buying a flashlight is great since it provides visibility where natural light is absent. However, you shouldn’t just go ahead with buying any flashlight, but one with strobe. It is an important piece for night diving, underwater photography, as well as the perfect signaling tool. Indeed, the importance of having a strobe dive light cannot be overemphasized.

In this article, you will find out why a strobe dive light is a must-have and the tips on how to use it for a good diving experience effectively.

What is a Strobe Dive Light?

Generally, flashlights are great resources to provide visibility in the dark; however, flashlights with strobes are more effective. Strobes are light safety modes that will help you find your way in the dark and call for help during emergencies. They give intermittent flashes that can easily draw attention so that you can be spotted, even if you lose your dive buddy.

Why Do You Need a Strobe Dive Light?

Ideally, a strobe has different uses depending on the situation. It is the perfect signaling and marking equipment to some, and for others, it is ideal for underwater photography and night diving. Whatever the reason, it is always a must-have.

See below on how effective a strobe is in any of these scenarios.

Strobe as a Signaling and Marking Tool

Whether you are trying out daytime diving or night diving, strobes will always be a useful signaling or marking tool. It is effective, especially when you lose your dive buddy due to various factors such as distractions, poor visibility, or miscommunication.

The tool lets you signal your position so that anyone also underwater can find you. However, that doesn’t mean it works all the time.

Before you dive into the water, you must have a brief discussion with your dive buddy. The discussion would be based mostly on how many intermittent flashes from the strobe and other necessary information you’ll need should any of you go missing.

Additionally, you could use a strobe as a marking tool for the exit point. Planning your entry and exit points is one of the many things you need to consider before diving. With a strobe, you will know where and how to get back to the surface.

Strobe in Underwater Photography

For those who love underwater photography, you may never be able to do a thing without strobes. The significant reason why this strobe is important is that it improves photo and video lighting. Most beautiful underwater photos and videos that you see are only what they are because of them.

The natural light coming from the sun down to the water is not enough to get a clear image; however, you get an enhancement with a strobe. It gives good visibility of the subject in sight.

More so, a strobe comes effective when shooting an illuminated fish or coral. It gives you the right angle to capture bright, rare images; thus, it is powerful and extraordinary.

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Strobe in Night Diving

Night diving is so much fun, but you have to be careful, which is why it is recommended that you take a course before going fully into it. In the course, one of the things you would be taught how to use is a strobe. Although, you will be asked to take at least two dive lights – one main and the other, backup.

The main or primary light is always brighter, but the only problem it can have is that the battery won’t last long. On the other hand, the backup light has a less bright light but lasts longer. However, you may get the perfect balance with a strobe – bright light and good battery life. The brightness is twice brighter than the primary light; hence, it is a good choice.

How to Maintain a Strobe Dive Light?

Lighting equipment are great, but they need to be maintained with utmost care. It even becomes crucial if a strobe dive light is involved. Interestingly, they are all easy to maintain because you only need to check a few things – batteries and o-rings.

The batteries need to be good because it determines how much power will be supplied for active operation. On the hand, o-rings need to be greased or replaced when necessary, so that it doesn’t rust and damage the entire lighting device.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a bid to understand more about strobe dive lights, below is a list of some frequently asked questions. Provided also below are the answers to clear all doubts.

Are diffusers good with strobe light?

Diffusers are a great addition to strobes because they are suitable for creating soft light. Unfortunately, you don’t always have to use a diffuser if you want a narrow strobe beam, maximum power, and harsh light.

What underwater lighting setup is good?

If you are an underwater photographer, you might want to consider the type of strobe to use for the ultimate lighting setup. Most times, it depends on your skill level because shooting with a strobe is a bit tedious. However, with a photo-video light, you should be good.


If you’ve always been curious about the whole fuss about strobe dive light, this article has done great to provide everything you need to understand it fully. Its usefulness in night diving to emergencies and underwater photography makes it indeed an effective diving tool. So today, invest in the best strobe lights you can get/afford and get clear visibility and enhanced images underwater.