How Old Do You Have To Be To Scuba Dive?

How Do You Know You Are Ready to Start Scuba Diving?

The underwater environment is one with several interesting moments –diving, snorkeling, surfing, or swimming. While each of these activities differs from themselves in one significant way or another, there are quite alike in other aspects.

Scuba Diving is one of the most loved water sports; however, you don’t just start without doing a couple of things. One of the consequential things to do to prepare you for the scuba diving experience is taking lessons and courses – either physically or online. The physical classes, however, are more effective than online tutorials.

In these lessons or courses, you get the opportunity to explore small and large water bodies, like the ocean – you get to swim beneath waves. Also, the beautiful creatures living underwater are part of the things you would be introduced to.

Once you start taking these lessons, you are ready for the beginner diving experience.

Can Kids Scuba Dive?

More often than not, kids above 12 years are eligible to start taking scuba diving lessons and courses. They are taught the risks and dangers of diving and also introduced to the rules and regulations associated with the water environment. More importantly, kids learn about marine injuries.

However, if a kid below the age of 12 understands what is required of scuba diving, he or she can proceed with the underwater experience.

Besides, you must be a certified diver before you can go scuba diving. Several certification agencies are available that teach and provide proof of eligibility to people of all ages – including kids. You can count on these agencies to provide rules, teach skills, and lay out standard measures for safety.

Some of these agencies include PADI, SSI, and BSAC.

What Age Can You Enroll in PADI Scuba Course?

Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is a recreational training organization for enthusiastic diving people. This organization has seasoned instructors that deliver diving lessons either individually or as a group. The minimum age to enroll for a PADI Scuba Course is 10 years.

Taking lessons from a PADI Instructor is bliss because you get to explore different diving courses. One of the fundamental courses that students take is Open Water Diver Certification. If you complete the course before the age of 15, you become a Junior Open Water Diver. This certification allows you to go as far as 12 meters (40 ft.) as long as you are under the supervision of an adult.

From the ages of 15 and above, this certification is upgraded to Open Water Diver Certification, allowing you to dive 18 meters (60 ft), alongside other professional divers.

What is the Starting Age for SSI Scuba Class?

The SSI Scuba Class isn’t any different from the PADI Scuba Class. Scuba Schools International (SSI) is a diving training center that teaches students the basics of diving and provides them with an Open Water Diver certification.

The admissible age for an SSI Scuba Class is 10 years and above. Students who also complete this course before the age of 15 are awarded a Junior Level Diver certificate. Likewise, at a proper age, i.e., above 15, this certification is upgraded for more diving depth coverage.

What Age to Enroll in a BSAC Scuba Class?

Another certification organization for divers is the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC). This organization trains young students with the basics of scuba diving. The only difference between this organization and other certifying bodies like SSI and PDI is that the enrolling age is 12 years. If you are below the age of 12, you won’t be admitted to this diving school.

However, like the others, Open Water Diver certification (Junior Category) is awarded to young students who complete their class before 15. There is also an upgrade once they are above 15.

What Do I Have to Know Before Scuba Diving As a Beginner?

Whether you are new to scuba diving as a kid or an adult, some noteworthy tips will help you get through the entire experience. If you follow these tips, you should become a pro in the underwater sport in no time.

Prioritize Safety. Scuba diving can be overwhelming, but you shouldn’t get lost in the whole experience. You need to stay safe in the best ways possible because there is little to what you can control in a water environment. Ocean waves could be dangerous, or the living creatures in water could cause injuries.

Also, it would be best if you went along with the right pieces of equipment – in their best form.

Gain Your Confidence. Scuba diving is a risk, and if you aren’t confident enough to go through with it, you may never enjoy the experience. One of the activities that can help boost your confidence is Yoga,

Do not Dive with a Camera on First Attempt.

Only Go Scuba Diving in Your Healthiest State – no wounds or sinus infection.

Always Follow Instructions


Scuba diving is a great experience for both kids and adults. As long as you are above the permissible age to get a diving certificate, i.e., Open Water Certification, you are good to go. Once you have your certificate, ensure to follow the rules and regulations carefully, as they are designed to ensure your safety.