What are the Pros & Cons Of Scuba Gloves?

What are the Pros of Scuba Gloves?

Ideally, scuba gloves are incredible accessories that offer 3 kinds of protection to divers underwater – cold, stings, and sharp objects. Now, glove choice determines the level of protection you get; hence, it is pertinent that you invest in the best ones on the market.

Stings and Bites

Going underwater means you will have to encounter different marine animals, from the safe to the dangerous ones. Suppose you ever come across the dangerous ones with tentacles. In that case, it is important to have your scuba gloves on because they will offer a good level of protection and safety—these animals with tentacles sting and bite divers for trespassing.

However, there is little to what scuba gloves can do because they cannot protect you against larger animals that attack and give ferocious bites. Nevertheless, it remains a good barrier against stings and bites from the smaller ones, such as jellyfish, lionfish, rays, etc.


Over time, the common use of gloves is to provide warmth to the hands against harsh, cold weather. If you are in a cold region or during winter, you already know how having a glove must be part of your everyday life. The same applies to scuba diving – you need a pair of gloves.

Going underwater means you are prepared for the worst kind of temperature, and that makes a scuba glove valuable. With good protection against the cold, you should have a better experience. Besides, it would be best if you kept yourself warmed up after a cold dive, and a pair of gloves always come effective.

Sharp Objects

Like your encounter with animals that sting and bite, you need a scuba glove to offer excellent protection against sharp objects. Marine accidents are quite common, and most of the time is caused by sharp, hazardous objects. These objects could either be from the dive boat, coral reefs or anywhere else between the boat and underwater.

With a diving glove, you may prevent a large cut. Even if the scuba glove doesn’t entirely protect you from these sharp objects, you could survive with minor cuts, scratches, or wounds. If that ever happens, you need to tend to it quickly before it gets infected and causes more problems for you.

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What are the Cons of Scuba Gloves?

On the other hand, there are cons to using scuba gloves.

Ecosystem Damage

One of the few cons of wearing a scuba glove is its damage to the ecosystem. The marine environment comprises different varieties of creatures, from the delicate to the stronger ones. By wearing a glove, you could be wreaking havoc on the fragile population with your movement.

Sometimes, it is so hard to control where to dive towards, and as a result, you could be killing some marine creatures in the process. Their death always harms the ecosystem because other creatures that depend on them for food will find them unavailable.

Due to this adverse effect, some diving locations have banned the use of scuba gloves because of the threat it poses to coral reefs.

Limited Movement

Another demerit of wearing a scuba glove is that it limits your movement as a diver. You want to be careful about where you dive; however, the gloves in your hand might limit you from going in that direction. Therefore, you are left with no option but to change course, thereby limiting your diving experience.


Too many accessories on the body for diving can be inconvenient. Having a wetsuit and breathing facilities is great; however, additions such as gloves might put you in discomfort. Besides, the after-effect of wearing these gloves for too long in water is the itchiness of your palms.

What Do You Need to Consider Before Buying Scuba Gloves?

If you are one to go for scuba gloves because of their protective benefits, you might need to consider some factors before buying on the market. These factors are responsible for usability.


The sole reason for having a glove is to provide a good level of warmth during cold temperatures. The best gloves available have been designed with thermal-insulated materials, so you get enough warmth – before, during, and after a dive.


Another factor to check out when picking out the best scuba glove is the level of comfort offered. A good glove always makes sure a diver is comfortable and wouldn’t have to worry about itchy after-effects.


Additionally, the durability of scuba gloves determines whether you can use them subsequent times or not. Not every diver has the luxury of buying scuba gloves every time. However, with a durable glove, such a person is rest assured of long-term use.


Some people see reasons for using a scuba glove while others don’t – everything ends up on personal preference. If you ever decide to use scuba gloves for protection, having checked the pros and cons in this guide, ensure that you get the best one available. It won’t be so bad to improve your experience beyond the usual.