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What Is a Dry Bag

A Dry Bag is a flexible and watertight bag that keeps all contents dry during outdoor activities. These bags are used to prevent electronic equipment such as phones, iPods, and cameras from getting wet. Dry bags are often used during canoeing, kayaking, diving, rafting, and other sports in which sensitive materials can get wet. Dry bags are also used to prevent spare clothes and sleeping mats from getting wet.

How to choose a dry bag

As earlier stated, a dry bag is a bag you used for storing your essentials as such you need a strong bag that can preserve all your luggage from water, dust, or sand. To prevent you from making the wrong choice, here’s a guide on how to choose a dry bag:

The material

The first thing to note when choosing a dry bag is the material since the durability of the material will determine how much your gear will be protected. Mostly, dry bags are made from vinyl or nylon because of their extreme durability and high waterproofness. Let’s look at each of these materials one by one:


Most dry bags are made from Nylon and coated with a silicone coating agent or a PVC film for waterproofness. This material is slightly lighter than vinyl making nylon bags more flexible and compact than vinyl bags. These bags are subject to tears, punctures, and Mildews, unlike vinyl bags.


Vinyl is also used in the making of dry bags. It is a high-quality material but it is less flexible and heavier than nylon. The material is also resistant to all types of mishandling. If you have heavy gear and you need a vigorous bag to hold it, note choosing a bag made from vinyl.

The Size

The next thing to note after the material is the perfect size for you. Dry bags come in different sizes ranging from XL, L, M, and S. Let’s look at each of these sites and what they can hold:

The extra-large XL size: These dry bags sizes from 40L upwards and they mostly come with two straps for the backpack style. These sizes are capable of accomodating a lot of luggage and are ideal for a week or two trips.

The large L size: These are also for longer trips and can accommodate a lot of gear. Their liters range from 30L to 40L and they mostly come with two straps and can be carried like backpacks. They are most appreciated by motorcycle users because they are neither too big nor too small.

The medium M size: These dry bags range from 10L to 20L and they can accommodate clothes, towels, and other petty things. They are perfect for a day or two trips.

The Small S size: This is the smallest size of dry bags. They are very small and can be used for storing things like wallets, cameras, phone, iPods, and a small water bottle. Their size ranges from 1L to 10L and they mostly come with a single strap while others don’t feature any. Small dry bags can be stored in larger dry bags.

The closure system:

Dry bags come with a closure system that prevents water from getting inside. All these closure systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at some of them:

Velcro: These days dry bags are manufactured with velcro on top for better protection against water. Velcro closures are easy to close and are very comfortable to use. For maximum security, note getting a bag with velcro closure.

Zipper: Most dry bags come with a metal zipper, which allows you to get access to your gear easily. However, metal zippers don’t always work smoothly and stuff might get stuck inside, which is pretty irritating. Another con of zippers is that not all of them are waterproof.

Roll down: Roll down closures are also popular in dry bags. They keep water out when they are rolled 3 to 5 times then seal it with a buckle and your gear is free from getting wet.

Drawstring: Drawstring closure is easier to use compared to roll-down closure. It’s a great way to keep your products but it doesn’t prevent your gear from water entirely.

Things to note when choosing a dry bag

There are many kinds of dry bags available and choosing the right one might be overwhelming. There are some factors to note when picking a dry bag, here are they:

  1. Choose a dry bag with a high level of waterproofness, as it is what will protect your gear from the water. So the first thing to note in a dry bag is its waterproofness.
  2. Choose a bag with a waterproof zipper that doesn’t allow water to gets in. Also, pick a bag that has a strong sturdy plastic ring.
  3. The material from which the bag is made should also be noteed. As you won’t like having a bag that will tear or puncture in the middle of an outing. Vinyl is a good option as it is very durable, nylon on the other hand is thinner and more flexible. Both materials suit well for outdoor activities.
  4. Another important thing to note in a bag is its the strap. It’s important to be able to carry your bag comfortably from one place to another. For smaller bags, a single strap is okay for larger dry bags, two straps are provided so that you can use it as a backpack.
  5. Color is also very essential when choosing a dry bag. Though color preference has a lot to do with gender, it’s advisable to choose a brighter color so that you can easily spot your bag in darkness.

Most dry bags feature a transparent window that allows you to see your gear through. You should know that this doesn’t make it of higher quality, however, it’s a great option as it enables you to quickly search for your items.

Dry bags are great and you can use them to do many things other than outdoor activities. Throughout your trip, you can get to use most out of your dry bag; you can use you’d dry bag as a floatation device since it can float on water, you can use it as a pillow at night and you can also make it your water cooler or bucket.

The 8 Best Dry Bags Are Reviewed Below

There are thousands of brands selling dry bags out there and choosing the right bag might be overwhelming, especially if you are a novice. To prevent you from making the wrong choice, we have decided to review the 8 best dry bags on Amazon. These bags come in different sizes and they have all you need in a dry bag. Check them out below:


Earth Pak Waterproof dry bag

The Earth Pak waterproof dry bag is one’s choice for dry bag waterproof. The brand believes their bags are the best and they last for a long time and provide waterproofness for even the most rugged environs.

The bags come in different colors and sizes and also sizes feature shoulder straps. The small bags are sized 10L and 20L come with a 24-42 inch single shoulder strap. The 30L, 40L, and 55L sizes come with a shoulder strap that has the backpack style and also a sternum strap for more stability. The latest model of the 55L waterproof bag comes with a strong waist belt, which supports your loads and reduces pressure.

The earth Pak bags also feature an IPX8 6.5 inches certified waterproof phone case that can house even the st phone. The IPX8 case comes with a simple snap and lock access and a dual-sided window that enables you to take pictures while your phone is still in the case.

The dry bag is lightweight and very portable making it the ideal dry bag you need for your travel plans. It can be folded easily and it is packed tight in any sized luggage.

Below are their product sizes and their Details:

The 10-liter waterproof earth Pak dry bag:

This is the smallest and most popular among the earth Pak dry bags. This bag is compact for those who want to pack lightly but still have important and valuable possession that they want to protect from water. The size fits personal items like a phone, camera, iPod, wallet, glasses, water bottles, toiletries, and a small towel. For a leisure trip note the 10L Earth Pak dry bag.

The 20-liter waterproof earth Pak dry bag:

Next to the 10L in size is the 20L earth pal dry bag which is ideal for a day trip. It is also portable and can be carried without any hassle. It is perfect for carrying small and medium-sized items you need to protect from the waterlike towels, toiletries, phones, cameras, and others.

The 30 liter waterproof Earth Pak dry bag:

The 30L earth Pak dry bag is ideal for a week-long trip. You can store your electronic devices, your survival kits, water bottles, food containers, and clothes. At night you can use this bag as a camping pillow, while you carry it during the day.

The 40 liter waterproof Earth Pak dry bag:

If you are planning on week-long trekking or camping, then the 40L earth Pak dry bag is the perfect option for you. Its storage capacity is said to be equivalent to that of a rucksack, which can equip all you need for your trip ranging from your clothes for two people, wetsuits, survival kits, electronic devices, and also a small sleeping bag.

The 55 liter waterproof Earth Pak dry bag:

This is the biggest size among the Earth Pak dry bags. It is big enough to fit up to two weeks’ trip gear. The big bag is perfect for trips that require you to pack a lot of items. You can put your sleeping bag, your clothes, your electronics, toiletries, water, and food containers. The latest model of the 55L waterproof dry bag comes with a heavy-duty strong and durable waist belt that relieves pressure and adds stability.

Key Features:

  • It provides reliable protection: The Earth Pak dry bags are among the best dry bags you can ever find. They are very durable and last for a long time while providing waterproofness to even the most rugged users.
  • They come with a shoulder strap: The small sizes come with a 24 – 42 inches shoulder strap, while the 30L, the 40L, and the 55L waterproof bags featured a backpack-style shoulder strap and also a sternum strap for added comfort.
  • Heavy-duty waist belt: The latest model of the 55L comes with a durable waist belt that relieves pressure.
  • IPX8 Phone case: The dry bags come with an IPX8 6.5 inches waterproof phone case that can accommodate even the biggest phone. The case also comes with a simple snap and a dual clear window that allows you to snap pictures while your phone is still in the case.
  • The bags are ideal for traveling: They are very lightweight and portable making them the best bags for your traveling. They can be easily folded and are waterproof


  • Brand name: Earth Pak
  • Manufacturer: Earth Pak
  • Size: 10 liters, 20 liters, 30 liters, 40 liters, and 55 liters
  • Color: Different colors are available
  • Specific uses: Protect your things from water
  • The bags are very durable and they provide the required protection against water
  • They come with a shoulder strap or backpack strap for easy carriage
  • They come with a phone case that allows you to take pictures while your phone is inside thereby protecting it from water
  • They are lightweight, compact, and can be folded easily.
  • Nil


MARCHWAY Floating waterproof Drybag

The MARCHWAY Floating waterproof Drybag is Amazon’s choice for Kayaking dry bags. The bag is made from a durable ripstop tarpaulin with a strong welded seam that is designed to be durable for many years. The material is very strong, rip, tear, and puncture-proof.

It has a solid roll-top closure system that provides maximum water seal tight. The bag ensures your luggage is dry as far as the bag is not submerged inside water. The dry bag can be easily operated, just put your belongings, grab the top woven tape and roll it 3 or 5 times then seal the buckle.

It features a smooth surface that is very easy to clean and it comes in different sizes ranging from 5 liters to 40 liters to meet the demand of different users.

The small sizes come with a single removable and adjustable shoulder strap while the larger sizes come with two straps for backpack-style carrying.

As the name implies, the MARCHWAY dry bag can float on water after being buckled making it easier for you to track your luggage.

The dry bag was designed to keep your gear dry, clean, and safe from water, snow, dust, sand and also to ensure that you enjoy your outing to the fullest. The MARCHWAY dry bag is not ideal for diving as it gets wet when it’s submerged in water.

It’s highly advisable to choose a MARCHWAY dry bag if you are going on kayaking, here are some reasons: it is made from 5000D tarpaulin that is very thick, tough, and waterproof. It is also resistant to wear, tear, and abrasion. It is also easy to roll down as it has a roll-down top seal closure system that provides tight protection against water. It also features an advanced thermal welding craft that provides more water resistance. Its shoulder strap is easily adjustable and detachable to suit different body sizes, they are also easily foldable, compact and they are very convenient to carry.

Below are their product sizes and their details

The 5-liter MATCHWAY waterproof dry bag:

The 5-liter MATCHWAY dry bag is the smallest among the MATCHWAY dry bags. It is very portable and is suitable for protecting handy items like; wallets, phones, wallets, and keys. If you’re going on a day leisure trip, note buying a 5-liter MATCHWAY dry bag.

The 10-liter MATCHWAY waterproof dry bag:

Second, the 5-liter dry bag is the 10 liter one, it is also very compact and moderate in size. It is ideal for carrying little items for a day trip. The 10-liter bag can accommodate your toiletries, sweater, electronic devices, and water bottles.

The 20-liter MATCHWAY waterproof dry bag:

This dry bag is big enough to accommodate your gear for a day trip. This big dry bag can accommodate your survival kit, your clothes, laptop, phones, cameras, telescope, food containers, and water bottles.

The 30-liter MATCHWAY waterproof dry bag:

If you are going on two days or more trip, note taking the 20-liter MATCHWAY waterproof dry bag with you. This bag can accommodate more clothes, survival kits, telescopes, parachutes, food containers, and water bottles.

The 40-liter MATCHWAY waterproof dry bag:

This is the biggest among the MATCHWAY waterproof dry bags, it is big enough to accommodate two people’s gear for a week trip. It can also accommodate a small sleeping mat, an air mattress, and a parachute.

Key Features:

  • Portable and durable: The bags are made from ripstop tarpaulin having a strong welded seam that is designed to endure long and rough usage. They are also ripped, tear, and puncture-proof making them the perfect bags for your adventure.
  • A watertight closure: The bag feature a strong roll-top closure that provides a watertight seal. It helps keeps your gear dry during wet situations provided the bag is not fully submerged.
  • Easy cleaning and operation: Just put your belongings in your bag, fold in the top woven tape and roll it down 3 to 5 times and then seal it with a buckle. The whole process is very easy and won’t take you a minute. When cleaning it, just wipe clean it and all specks of dirt will disappear.
  • Different sizes: It comes in multiple sizes ranging from the 5L to the 40L and also an adjustable and removable strap for added comfort
  • It can float: The MATCHWAY dry bags can float on water after it is rolled and sealed with a buckle making it easy for you to track your gear


  • Brand name: MATCHWAY
  • Manufacturer’s name: MATCHWAY
  • Size: Different sizes are available ranging from 5L to 40L
  • Colors: There are over 12 colors available
  • Specific uses: Kayaking, sailing, canoeing, and paddling
  • It is made from a thick durable material making it tear and puncture-proof
  • It comes with shoulder straps
  • Different colors and sizes are available to suit your needs
  • It can be easily buckled
  • It has a smooth texture making it easy to clean the bag
  • When rolled and sealed it can float
  • It cannot be used for diving as it absorbs water when it submerges


HEETA Waterproof Dry Bag for Women & Men

The HEETA waterproof dry bag is made from professional seamless technology. The dry bag has the best waterproof capability making sure your items and valuables are kept dry when are doing water sports like kayaking, canoeing but not underwater sports like diving.

It is made from a 0.6mm thick water-resistant material, making it suitable for outdoor activities. The waterproof bag is made to adapt to all kinds of weather conditions and environments.

The bed has adjustable shoulder straps and a handle to carry it on your shoulder or as a backpack, making it very convenient for different outdoor activities like kayaking, camping, canoeing, and boating. It is made in a way that it can withstand pressure without aggravating the burden on your arms and shoulders.

The dry bag has a transparent window that allows you to find your gear easily and you can also read messages from your phone without bringing it out.

There are 5 sizes available (5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, and 40L) for you to choose the one that fits your preference, and each bag comes with a waterproof cell phone case.

Key Features:

  • It is waterproof: The HEETA dry bag has the great waterproof capability making sure your gear is kept dry and safe when you go Kayaking, Canoeing, or padding
  • It is durable: The bag is made from a 0.02 thick and wears resistant material that is torn and puncture-proof, and the bag is suitable for all kinds of environments and weather conditions
  • Comes with straps: The bag has two adjustable shoulder straps and a handle, giving you the chance to either carry the bag or use it as a backpack.
  • Transparency: The bag is transparent making it easy to find your items without much stress
  • Small phone case: Each bag comes with a transparent phone case where you can put your phone inside, and operate it while it’s safe from water
  • Different sizes: There are five different sizes available, the 5L, the 10L, the 20L, the 30L, and the 40L to suit the needs of different customers.


  • Brand name: HEETA
  • Manufacturer’s name: HEETA
  • Weight of package: 0.29 kilograms
  • Dimension of item package: ‎12.28 x 4.72 x 2.36 inches
  • Color: Different Colors are available
  • Size: 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, and 40L
  • Material: PVC
  • Suggested users: Both Sexes
  • Specific uses: Kayaking, boating, and canoeing
  • It has the great waterproof capability
  • It is made from a thick durable material
  • It comes with straps and a handle
  • Every size comes with a small phone transparent phone case
  • The bag has a transparent window to enable you to check for your things easily
  • Some customers complained that the seam at the top rip apart easily

Buying Guide Questions

Below we shall take a look at some frequently asked questions by dry bag buyers.

Do dry bags work?

Yes, dry bags work, they help you not only in keeping your gear dry but also protects your luggage. Dry bags are very durable and can last for many years if they are properly handled.

Are dry bags waterproof?

Yes, dry bags are waterproof as they are made from waterproof materials like industrial-grade PVC that have a thick and rubbery texture.

What Size of the dry bag should I get?

The size of the dry bag you need depends on how much gear you intend to carry and how long is your trip. If you’re going on a trip for few hours a day, note buying the S-sized bag that ranges from 1L to 10L. For a day or two trips, the M-sized bag can do, its size ranges from 10L to 20L. For a trip of a week or two note the L or XL size which ranges from 20L upwards. So when choosing a dry bag, just choose the one that will suit the days you’re spending on your trip and also note how much gear you need to carry.

How long do dry bags last?

Dry bags are very durable and can last for years if they are properly handled. They are made from thick, heavy materials that are tear and puncture-proof. So if you choose a good dry bag from a good brand and handle it properly, you can spend years using it.

Are dry bags smell proof?

Most dry bags are not smell-proof, they offer waterproof protection, not smell proof. However, if you can note using a smell-proof bag as a liner inside your waterproof bag.

Why use a dry bag?

Using a dry bag will protect your gear from getting wet. Also, dry bags will enable you to pack all your luggage in a portable bag that you can carry everywhere. Dry bags can also serve as pillows, cooler, or water buckets. Preventing your gear and enjoyment of your outing are good reasons for you to use a dry bag.

What do you put in dry bags?

There are many things that you can put inside a dry bag, they include your phone, iPod, camera, telescope, parachute, sleeping mat, toiletries, a towel, clothes, sweater, survival kits, food container, water bottle, and other things. However, the things you put in a dry bag depend heavily on the size of the dry bag.

How do you get the air out of a dry bag?

You can easily get water out of a dry bag by opening it then sealing it slowly making sure no air is held inside.

What can a 10L dry bag hold?

A 10l dry bag is among the smallest sizes of dry bags. However, it’s perfect for a day trip as it can accommodate your items like a cellphone, camera, iPod, wallet, glasses, water bottles, toiletries, and even a small towel

Do I need a dry bag?

If you’re involved in outdoor activities inside water or close to the water then you need a dry bag. If you’re going on Kayaking, camping, mountaineering, caneoing, and other outdoor activities, then you need a dry bag to keep your gear safe and dry.

What fits in a 5L dry bag?

Just like the 10L dry bag, the 5L dry bag is designed to hold your items. However, it will hold lesser items than a 10L dry bag. A 5L dry bag can hold your phone, camera, Ipod, and other petty things.

How big is a 55L dry bag?

The 55L dry bag is very large and it can hold items for up to two weeks trip. It is big enough to hold two people’s clothes, a sleeping mat, food containers, water bottles, parachutes, telescopes, cameras, phones, iPods, toiletries, towels, and other things.


Dry bags are very important for those that are involved in outdoor activities, they help keep your gear dry and safe. To clean a dry bag empty all the contents, brush off all specks of dirt, then wash it thoroughly with mild soap, rinse it with warm water and dry it under sunlight.

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