What is the World Octopus Day? When is it? Who created it?


Everything one earth is important, regardless of whether they seem that way or not. The reason is because these resources contribute to a stable ecosystem; their decline or unavailability automatically affects another population of plants or animals or humans that depend on them for various reasons. So, yes, everything you see needs proper management against incessant exploitation.

Speaking of exploitation, Octopi are one of the most endangered species on earth today. Since they are one of the oldest living marine organisms – about 300 million years, they need to be appreciated for their lifelong existence instead of being exploited. For this reason, World Octopus Day was formed to celebrate these ancient, living creatures in different parts of the world, especially in the USA.

The History of World Octopus Day?

The first Octopus Day was celebrated on October 8th, 2007. This day was set aside to celebrate the creature that seems to be more intelligent than even humans. However, the record on who or what organization established this annual celebration is yet unknown – a mystery. Nevertheless, the main aim of this celebration is to create awareness about the uniqueness of this species of animal and why they need protection.

What are Octopuses Like?

Octopi are very intelligent creatures on earth that belong to the Cephalopoda class. They are soft-bodied living organisms with 8 arms, known to be over 300 million years old. Since they are marine, they aren’t so different from unique animals, like cuttlefish and squids. They are quite dangerous, with the blue-ringed types being venomous to man.

Currently, there are over 300 species of documented Octopuses. They come in different shapes and colors but share certain similarities, such as bilateral symmetry with soft body structure for easy maneuverability. Besides, an octopus has two eyes, three hearts, a beak, and a mid-point mouth in the arms. It also has millions of neurons around the brain and arms for heightened senses.

However, there are some differences between the male and the female Octopus. First, the male Octopus releases sperm from a uniquely adapted arm on the body, while the female accepts it using the mantle cavity. Secondly, after a while, this male Octopus dies while the female has a den where eggs fertilized by the sperm is stored. Until the female Octopus completely hatches these eggs, she takes care of them. Eventually, she dies.

When is World Octopus Day?

World Cephalopod Awareness Day starts on October 8th and ends October 12th every year; hence, making one of the days specially dedicated to Octopi. Since the first World Octopus Day was celebrated October 8th, that is the widely accepted date for awareness.

October 9th is dedicated to nautilus, a uniquely shelled cephalopod with a different feeding habit.

October 10th is World Squittle Day – Squids and Cuttle Fish.

October 11th is for mythical cephalopods – the giant ones on major world seas.

October 12th is a special day to celebrate the Fossils of Cephalopods.

How to Celebrate World Octopus Day?

Celebrating World Octopus Day is a big deal because many individuals and organizations stand up to show support and appreciate this incredible cephalopod. They create awareness and campaigns to help people know more about this living creature, such as feeding habits, habitat, and life cycle.

One of the best places to visit during this period is the aquarium. Here, you will find various existing species of Octopus. There are also Octopus meal recipes to try out, like salad or hot dog. You can also decide to make or wear dedicated t-shirts and post pictures to celebrate and create your own awareness.

Everything done on this day is dedicated to the existence of this old creature.

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How Many Octopi Will You Find in the Oceans?

The most significant reason why World Octopus Day is celebrated is to be aware of the existing population. It is almost impossible to figure out how many octopi are in the world currently; however, factors that may affect their population are checked.

For one, pollution and fishing are two factors that cause a population decline, which is only due to modernization.

Octopi are solitary animals, i.e., they don’t move in groups, making their numbers a bit hard to predict. However, what is known about their existence in the oceans is that they move in different depths – always between shallow (20 feet) and deep (5000 feet).

What Has Contributed to Octopus Population Growth/Decline?

Ocean health is important because it is the habitat of many world creatures. Besides, the oceans make up a large part of the world; hence, it is pertinent that they are always protected.

As mentioned already, pollution and overfishing are two factors that contribute to the population decline of octopuses. It is discovered that they are sensitive animals, and poor ocean health is one of the many things that affect their growth, ultimately leading to their deaths.

The other factor, i.e., overfishing, is also a display of their population. Fishermen’s higher catch of these creatures marks intensive fishing than a high population, while a decrease in predators means a growing population.

One more factor that affects their growth and maturity is climate change. In areas with rising sea temperatures, there is a good chance that octopuses grow and reproduce faster than usual.

For this cause, some agencies involved solely in Ocean Health and Protection have set up to monitor and control the oceans’ use and preserve many marine animals.

Cool Facts About Octopuses

Below is a list of cool facts you should know about octopuses against the next world’s celebration.

A female octopus can lay a maximum of 400,000 eggs in its den

Most octopuses live up to 5 years

Octopuses feed on crustaceans and mollusks

A unique octopus once had special glow-in-the-dark tentacles

The largest Octopus weighed 156 lbs.

A female octopus’s mantle changes color in response to changing environment.


Octopuses are one animal that many people fancy because of their unique structure and intelligence; for that reason, they are one of the world’s celebrated creatures. With this article, you sure now know a thing or two about the celebration, and how you can prepare for the next one. Cephalopods are true, one of earth’s gifts.