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What is an automatic watch?

An automatic watch, simply known as the automatic or self-winding watch is a mechanical watch in which the motion of the wearer provides energy that helps in winding the mainspring. This makes manual winding needless for the wearer wearing the watch often. The difference between the automatic and manual watch is that, despite both having no internal battery, manuals require their mainspring to be wound with hands intermittently.

A brief history of automatic watches

The history of automatic watches dates back to the 1770s starting with the design of a popular Swiss timepiece maker, Abraham Louis Perrelet. The watchmaker invented a mechanical device that is said to use the energy produced by the motion of the hand of the wearer and then convert it into power to keep automatic watches working for 8 days.

However, in 1778, a French inventor named Hubert Sarton published his design of automatic watched and managed to persuade historians that Perrelet’s designs were inspired by these works, thereby making his designs more publicized. In 1780, the French people were able to buy pocket automatic watches from a watchmaker Abraham Louis Breguet, who bought the designs from Hibert Sarton and make some improvements. However, his market went down in the 1800s after the public finds out that his watches aren’t reliable.

The hit revolution of automatic watches started after world war I when advancement in manufacturing leads to the production of small wristwatches with automatic winding. Because the motion of the hand provides more kinetic energy than pocket watches, engineers were able to more easily transform the power into changing mechanisms. The first person to do that was a Bolton, England watch repairer by the name of John Harwood. He later in 1923 claimed inventions of England and Swiss automatic watches ion and later started producing automatic watches in his factory in Switzerland in 1928, thereby giving the English people the chance to use automatic watches having the capacity of 12-hour work when thru is fully charged.

Other watch companies soon embraced the idea of John and started the period of improvement of automatic watches. The popular watch company, Rolex added new systems of weight that can move more freely and capture more energy in every turn, thereby giving the watch the ability to work for 35 hours when fully charged.

In 1948, Eterna Watch introduced ball bearing to automatic watches, enabling much better control over its internal components and also the ability to preserve its structure even if it falls on the ground.

Today, most watches in the world are using self-winding technology with only a small number still using manual wound technology. Some automatic watches have embraced the digital era, they feature weighted rotors inside that turn small electrical generators that store their power into an onboard rechargeable battery.

Factors to note when choosing an automatic watch

The factor is a wide term that is associated with almost everything. Whenever you’re buying something, you’ll be advised to note some factors before choosing it. The thing isn’t different for automatic watches as you still need to note some things to avoid regretting them at the end.

If It’s all about you choosing the perfect automatic timepiece for yourself, or as a gift to your loved one, then here are some factors to note.

A watch that you’ll like is the best

The first thing to come in an automatic watch buying guide is your preference, getting a watch that you admire is very important. It won’t be good to be wearing something that you don’t admire in the first place. Choose a watch that suits your preferences not the choice of others. Choose the one that you’re okay with its strap material, its color, and the design of its dial.

Know that watches aren’t just there to tell you the time, they also form part of your fashion sense and serve as an identity that others will associate you with.

These days, automatic watches are crafted by watchmakers which makes keen attention to details as they carefully make complex timepieces, the watches also features breathe taking designs and several colors giving you a wide range of chance to choose the design and color of your preference.

The movement of the watch

Another important thing that can’t be traded for anything them choosing any watch is the movement. In the watch world, there are two types of popular movements, viz the quartz movement and the automatic movement. Quartz movements are powered by batteries while automatic movements are powered by a rotor that generates power from the motion of the hand of the wearer.

Automatic watches are preferred by the majority in that they can last forever and because of their movement-wise, as it is a more advanced technology plus, requiring less maintenance, unlike the battery-powered movement.

Well, this brightens your eyes that automatic watches are more perfect options.

The size of the watch

Watch size is another important factor to note when choosing a watch. This is very simple, getting a watch of the right size will enable you to use it more comfortably than one that is either too big or too small for your wrist.

A watch size simply refers to the size of the face or dial. These days, automatic watch companies offer three different watch sizes, 44mm, 40mm, and 36mm. Mostly, 44mm is regarded as men’s size, 36mm as women’s size while 40mm is regarded as a unisex size.

The cost of the watch

It’s a none disreputable fact that automatic watches come at an expensive price, however, you can still find some automatic watches at reasonable prices. It’s good to know that self-winding watches are engineered carefully to give you the best value for your money. So there’s no need to bother about the price as far as it’s of high quality. Also, don’t make sure you don’t pay extra pennies for a fine strap and a less quality dial.

The quality of the watch

This is a very important factor to note when choosing an automatic watch. Though automatic watches are deemed to be of high quality generally, some are of less quality than others. When buying an automatic watch, go for one from a well-known brand that produces high-quality watches. If you’re choosing one online, check the reviews of former customers and make your decision wisely.

The design

The design of a timepiece is also an important factor to note. This highly depends on your gender and your preference. We can all easily distinguish designs for men and those for women.

If you’re choosing an automatic watch for a lady, note choosing a bright color with a beautiful designer dial. For men, dark colors and a simple dial design suits perfectly.

The aforementioned factors are the most important to note when choosing an automatic watch for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. These factors will help you choose the close to perfect automatic watch.

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic watches

Just like any other thing, automatic watches also have their advantages as well as drawbacks. Below we shall take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of automatic watches:

Advantages of automatic watches:

  1. They don’t require a battery: Automatic watches are designed to wind themselves automatically, which means that they don’t need a battery. This saves you from waking up in the morning to find out that the watch battery has drained on the morning of an important occasion. With automatic watches, you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries now and then which will cost you a lot of money in the long run.
  2. They are very accurate: When we talk of accuracy, that’s when automatic watches come into the deal. A standard automatic watch will have a plus or minus of 25 seconds in respect of the real-time, which I think isn’t too bad as no timepiece is perfectly accurate. However, this depends on the person wearing it and why he or she is wearing it. If you’re wearing your self-winding watch just to keep track of time for normal daily activities, then the plus or minus won’t be too bad. On the other hand, if you are involved in important sectors like medicine or marine, then you surely need a more accurate watch.
  3. Amazing Aesthetics: You can’t help but admire the amazing aesthetics of self-winding watches. Just its craftsmanship is incredible not to talk of the engineering. It’s no doubt that automatic watches make some of the most aesthetically pleasing watches in the timepiece world.
  4. No hand-winding required: Another pro of automatic watches is that there’s no need to hand-wind it if you’re wearing your watch most times. This makes self-winding watches more convenient than manual watches.
  5. It has a high power reserve: When fully wound up, automatic watches have a high power reserve compared to manual watches. They can have up to 2 days of power reserve before you may need to wind it up again. This however depends on the brand, some watch brands produce good automatic watches that can reserve power for up to 10 days.
  6. It boosts smooth & suave hand movement: Not only does it have amazing aesthetics, but automatic watches also feature smooth & suave hand movement. This is more than you choosing a self-winding watch with high beats per second. A high beat per second also increases the reliability and steadfastness of the watch.

Disadvantages of automatic watches:

  1. It is usually expensive: If your budget for a watch is low, then you might have to think twice before going for an automatic watch. Self-winding watches are usually more expensive than battery-operated watches. Some automatic watches cost as much as a million USD or more. However, there are few ones with reasonable prices available.
  2. It may need winding: Contrary to what was said earlier, automatic watches might need winding if you aren’t wearing them daily, this can be highly inconvenient. If you aren’t okay with winding your watch regularly, you might note purchasing a watch winder. This will cost more and add more inconvenience and also interfere with the stunning appearance of the watch.
  3. It loses accuracy: Unfortunately, self-winding watches tend to lose accuracy over time. This is rather bad noteing the high price tag. You may have to be turning it up from time to time and this will also cost a lot in the long run.
  4. It is very sensitive: The internal mechanism of these watches are fairly delicate. This makes the watches very sensitive to the environment causing your hand to move at any shift when winding the timepiece.

Now that you’ve known the truth about self-winding watches, it’s left to you to decide on whether to buy one or not. But don’t forget they have an appealing aesthetic and can last for a very long time if carefully handled. It

The 3 Best Women Automatic Watches in 2022 Are Reviewed Below

Below we shall take a look at the 10 best women automatic watches that are available on Amazon. These automatic watches are made from high-quality material as such they’re very durable. Though a bit expensive, but they aren’t very sensitive, they don’t lose accuracy easily and don’t need winding frequently. The watch feature an appealing aesthetically, boost smoothness and save hand movement, and also has a high power reserve.

These watches are discussed together with their important info and specs.


Tissot PR 100 Women Automatic watch with leather strap

The Tissot PR 100 is a precise and robust automatic watch that is a very popular family among the Tissot range. This new piece of the automatic watch has been designed to give a more unique look while accurately keeping time yet keeping the traditional watch design using high quality and durable materials.

The watch features swiss reliability with a revolutionary powermatic movement allowing a power reserve of more than 80 hours.

The size of the case is 33.00mm, having a bandwidth of 16 and the thickness of the case is 9.79mm. Having a Swiss automatic movement, a 316L stainless steel case having a fine rose gold PVD coating, and an index dial type.

It also has a water-resistant capacity of up to a pressure of 330 ft but this is only suitable for a short period like during short time swimming or showering but it can’t withstand snorkeling and diving.

Key Features:

  • The Tissot PR 100 is precise and Robust, it is a very popular family within the Tissot range.
  • The pieces are launched to give a unique look, combining the traditional watch design while keeping time accurately
  • It has Swiss reliability of revolutionary powermatic 80 movements allowing a power reserve of more than 3 and half days
  • The size of the case is 33.00mm, having a thickness of 9.79mm, and a bandwidth of 16
  • Having a Swiss automatic movement, a 316L stainless steel case having a rose gold PVD coating, and an index dial type
  • It has a standard buckle closure and a leather strap
  • It has water resistance up to a pressure of 100m making it suitable for short swimming periods and showering but not snorkeling or diving
  • The brand offers a 2 years international warranty


  • Brand name: Tissot
  • Weight of item: 1.6 ounces
  • Bandwidth: 16 millimeters
  • Case material: 316L stainless steel case having a rose gold PVD coating
  • Diameter of case: 33 millimeters
  • Band Material: Durable leather
  • Size of band: Ladies standard
  • Width of band: 16 millimeters
  • Color of the band: Different colors are available
  • Color of dial: Silver
  • Bezel Material: Stainless steel
  • The function of Bezel: Stationary
  • Type of movement: Swiss automatic
  • Water resistance depth: 330 feet
  • The shape of item: Round
  • Material type of dial window: Synthetic Sapphire
  • Type of clasp: Toggle Clasp
  • Type of display: Analog
  • Model & Part number: T1012073603100
  • Product warranty: 2 years International warranty
  • It has Swiss reliability of revolutionary powermatic 80 movements and can reserve power for up to 80 hours
  • Its buckle closure is standard and the strap is made from a high-quality leather
  • It has a water resistance of up to 100m
  • The brand offers a 24 monthly warranty
  • It comes at a high price


TENGYI Women automatic luminous watch

If you’re looking for a Japanese movement high-quality automatic timepiece that supports self-winding then the TENGYI women’s automatic watch is the perfect option for you. The watch is built in 21 synthetic ruby bearings that help In improving the winding efficiency and power reserve time. It has 21600 vibrations per hour to improve traveling stability, it also features an energy reserve of 45 hours and a life expectancy of more than a decade.

It features a high hardened coated glass mirror, that is worn resistant and is scratch-proof, having an HD luminous 2 hands analog display. Having a compact dial, a roman diamante scale, dual calendar display, simple lines, and elegant color matching, the TENGYI automatic watch is the perfect timepiece that will suit your fashion sense.

The watch also features 165ft waterproof pressure, it also has an elegant temperament, a stainless steel watch band and some hidden butterfly pushed buttons making it very comfortable and elegant to wear.

The brand offers a 30-day free return and a 2 years high-quality assurance.

For a simple elegant unique design gift that’s crafted with careful craftmanship and has an appealing aesthetic, note choosing the TENGYI women’s automatic watch.

Key Features:

  • The automatic watch features a Japanese high-quality movement that supports self-winding.
  • It has built 21 synthetic ruby bearings that help in improving power reserve hours and winding efficiency
  • Has 21600 vibrations per hour that help in improving the stability of time travel and has an energy reserve of 45 hours
  • If properly handled, the automatic watch has a life expectancy of more than a decade
  • It has a high hardened coated glass mirror that is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant.
  • It has an HD luminous 2 hand analog display, a 28mm case diameter, and a compact dial
  • It features a humanized design with a toffee pointer having a CD pattern dial, it also comes with a gorgeous matching color to meet your fashion sense demands
  • The stainless steel waterproof watch has hidden butterfly pushed buttons and a stainless steel band making it very comfortable yet fashionable to wear
  • It’s a simply elegant gift that is carefully made with good craftsmanship making it an exquisite gift to give your friend, wife, or fiancee
  • The brand offers a 30-day free return and a 2-year high-quality assurance for the product


  • Brand/ collection name: TENGYI
  • Model & Part number: TY-6602-01
  • The shape of item: Round
  • Material type of dial window: Synthetic Sapphire
  • Type of display: Analog
  • Type of clasp: Hidden clasp
  • Material of the case: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter of the case: 28 millimeters
  • The thickness of the case: 11 millimeters
  • Material of the band: Stainless steel
  • Size of band: Women standard
  • Width of band: 16 millimeters
  • Color of the band: Two-tone
  • Color of dial: Black
  • Bezel Material: Stainless steel
  • Type of movement: Japanese Automatic
  • Special features: Luminous
  • Model year: 2021
  • Water depth resistance: 165 ft
  • The watch has an energy reserve of about 2 days
  • It has a long life expectancy
  • It has a hardened coated mirror that is scratch proof and wears resistant
  • The brand offers 30 days free return in case of dissatisfaction
  • Some customers complained that the watch is thick and a bit heavy
  • Customers complained that the size of the strap is not too long


OLEVS Women’s Dress Automatic watch

The Olives women’s automatic watch features a shiny diamond design having Swarovski cut diamonds that are very shiny and beautiful, it also features HD luminous leaf hands, a beautiful face with two calendars, and provides an extraordinary visual experience.

The watch uses an imported Japanese movement, therefore, it supports both manual and self-winding, it doesn’t require a battery, it provides long-term kinetic energy storage and a more stable time compared to mechanical timepieces.

Having a strong sapphire sealed mirror, the Olevs women’s automatic watch is wear and scratch-resistant and can be swim or showered with but it’s not resistant to diving & snorkeling.

It features a Tungsten steel that is more durable and more comfortable to wear than stainless steel. And it can be easily adjusted by adding or removing the band and it also has a folding butterfly clasp.

The brand provides a 30 days no reason refund and also a lifetime warranty in case of any dissatisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Has a shiny diamond design: The watch has Swaroski cut diamonds that are very beautiful and shiny. It also has a luminous leaf hand, a dual calendar, a wavy face, and a simple yet luxurious visual experience
  • Uses Japan movement: The OLEVS watch supports both manual and self-winding. It doesn’t require the battery to work and it has a long time kinetic energy storage and keeps time accurately.
  • It is Waterproof: The watch features a sealed sturdy sapphire mirror that is resistant to wear and scratch. It is also waterproof to about 50m, therefore you can shower or swim with your Olives automatic watch, But don’t try snorkeling or diving with it.
  • Has a light solid band: It features Tungsten steel which is stronger, durable, and more comfortable to wear than stainless steel. It can be easily adjusted by removing or adding the band and it also has butterfly clasps that are durable and scratch-free
  • Warranty: The brand offers 30 days no reason return with a full refund and also a lifetime warranty for their self-winding watches. If you’ve any problem with the watch, hurriedly contact them through Amazon


  • Brand/Collection name: OLEVS
  • Part Number: S-L3172GJ-HG
  • Model number: Bao-S-L3172GJ-HG
  • The shape of item: Round
  • Material of dial window: Sapphire Crystal
  • Type of display: Analog
  • Type of clasp: Double locking foldover clasp
  • Material of the case: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter of case: 27 millimeters
  • The thickness of case: 10.5 millimeters
  • Material of band: Tungsten
  • Size of band: Women’s standard
  • Width of band: 14 millimeters
  • Color of the band: silver gold
  • Color of dial: Grey
  • Bezel Material: Stainless Steel
  • The function of Bezel: Calendar
  • Type of Movement: Japanese automatic
  • Water-resistant depth: 50M
  • Special Features: Swarovski diamonds, a curved sapphire crystal mirror, 50 meters waterproof
  • Model year: 2021
  • Product warranty: 30 days no reason refund and lifetime warranty
  • The watch has Swarovski cut diamonds that make it shiny and more beautiful
  • It uses Japanese movement and doesn’t require a battery
  • Features a Tungsten steel which is more durable and comfortable than stainless steel
  • Its waterproof depth is low

Buying Guide Questions

Below we shall take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions by customers about automatic watches.

What is the most accurate automatic watch?

It’s hard to say which automatic watch is the most accurate because different brands have produced different designs of automatic watches. However, the above reviewed automatic watches are one of the most accurate automatic watches for women that you can ever find on Amazon.

Which women’s watch hold their value?

It’s almost impossible to predict how the watch market will behave at any time. But due to past and current trends, we can to some extent know watches that are most likely to hold value. Here are some of those watches:

Rolex Oyster Perpetual for Ladies

Cartier Tank ladies watches ( though not all of them hold their values)

The Jaeger Le-Coultre Reverso

Patek Phillippe Twenty

The Harrison Winson Emerald Set

The Piaget Watches

Chopard Happy diamonds

The Longines master collection

The Nylon Weekender watch

The Bulgari Serpenti Tricolor

The ten aforementioned ladies’ watches are known to hold their value over time in the watch world.

Is it bad to leave an automatic watch unwound?

No, it’s not bad to leave an automatic watch unwound. Automatic watch winders are even discouraged as they rotate the watch especially cheaper ones. Continuous winding of an automatic watch will cause wear on the watch mechanism.

How long do automatic watches last?

Most Average automatic watches tend to last for 40 – 60 hours. However, some can last for up to 80 hours like the . Even if you’re intending to be wearing your automatic watch every day, wound-up energy of about 30 hours is very okay.

Which Kind of watches are in style?

Like all industries, the watchmaking industry is subjected to trends that come and go over time. Watch lovers always find something to love over each year, whether it’s the design or the strap or anything. Here are some of the top watches that are in style in 2022:

The Casio Vintage watch (A700WMG-9AVT)

Longines Heritage military

Citizen Chandler

Vintage Retro

Skagen Freja

Are our automatic watches worth it?

Yes, automatic watches are worth their price as they have longevity more than mechanical watches, they don’t require a battery, some are waterproof and they are aesthetically appealing. If handled carefully they can last forever.

Why are automatic watches better?

Automatic watches are better than mechanical watches as they can maintain their durability for many years, they are also made of high caliber materials that are scratch and wear-resistant. They also don’t need a battery or winding (if you’re using the watch frequently).

How do I know if my automatic watch is accurate?

The easiest way to check the accuracy of a self-winding watch is by using a watch accuracy app or a time graph. Usually, automatic watches use to have a + or – of 20 seconds per day which isn’t noteed bad.


Automatic watches are known for their accuracy, appealing aesthetics and also they don’t require winding or battery to work. However, these watches are come at a fairly unfriendly price but mind you, they can last for more than 2 decades.

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