Important Reasons Why You Should Own a Dive Computer


In diving, some pieces of equipment are more important than others – they are essential for survival underwater. Of course, you can make do without some accessories; however, you cannot do without equipment like BCD, Dive Computer, Tanks, etc. Therefore, whatever you think is vital for a good diving experience, ensure that you list them out first during preparation and get the best ones available on the market.

Not many know that owning a dive computer is such a great investment because it can potentially save lives. However, it is a significant piece of a diver’s gear, as it gives solid information about the underwater environment and provides safety precautions.

If you are a beginner diver, this guide provides you with some important reasons why you should own a dive computer.

Why Do You Need a Dive Computer?

A Dive Computer is a device worn as a bracelet or wristwatch to monitor depths and provide accurate information about the water body. It is a smart device, which means it offers so many functions.

Becoming a good diver means you have to own this computer. Below are some of the benefits you would enjoy from using it.


Before you begin to spend some time underwater, you must first realize that it isn’t your usual environment that you are used to; therefore, you might need to prioritize safety. It is consequential that you take all safety procedures and precautions into cognizance because anything could go wrong underwater.

One of the simplest ways to do that is using a Dive Computer. It provides you with a plan so that you can get out of difficult situations with ease. For instance, it has an air integration feature that calculates how much gas you have left in the tank. With this piece of information, you know how much time you have before heading back to the surface.

Plan Dives Accurately

Suppose there is something Dive Computers have eliminated since their integration into the diving world. In that case, it is the dependence on planning a dive on a dive table, i.e., multi-level dive. You don’t have to work out your dive profile in the hardest way (depth gauge and dive watch) anymore because a dive computer can do that for you. However, it comes with a diver understanding what the information relayed and interpreting it correctly.

If you must know, this dive computer keeps track of a diver’s surface interval and also adjusts the no-decompression limit for subsequent dives. Indeed, planning accurate dives is a good reason to invest in one.

Guarantees Longer Dives

A dive computer can do more than just planning your dives; it can guarantee you longer dives. Unfortunately, there is only little to what the new electronic tables incorporated into dive watches can do for multi-level dives. The computer, on the other hand, can calculate theoretical nitrogen spent at different depths underwater.

With this calculation, a diver can easily work a profile on how long he can go. You get to spend more time underwater and ascend to a shallower depth when the time comes. Overall, it removes the rounding built into these tables so that you get longer minutes to spend underwater.

No Dive Profile Mistakes

If there is something guaranteed from using this smart device, there are no dive profile mistakes. Like the focus on accuracy, this computer eliminates human error so that you get to spend time underwater. In addition, it works out pressure groups and facilitates theoretical nitrogen loads for subsequent dives. Therefore, if you are going ahead of schedule, the computer sends a signal – either flashes or beeps to notify you.

Great Ascension and Stops

If not for anything, own a dive computer for the ascent rate monitor. It is the most important feature of this device because it tells a diver ahead of time a potential danger or threat to stay within safe limits.

Sometimes, the hardest part of diving is ascension because it may be impossible to tell how far the ascension rate is – human error plays a role at times. However, with a dive computer as a good help, you can get accurate information on speed. It also provides you with warning signals on when to stop and when to proceed.

If you are lucky enough, your dive computer could have a lock-out function to stop you from going beyond safe limits.

Personal Dive Logs

Another impressive function of the dive computer which makes it better than a dive watch is its record-keeping – dive logs.

The human mind is quite fickle, and there is only a little you can remember from various experiences underwater; therefore, relying on memory doesn’t do justice to diving. Instead, you need a device like a dive computer that will record everything from your time spent underwater.

The purpose of recording or having a dive log is to provide you with certain details should you need to come back to it. A good wrist dive computer should log up to 25 hours of dives that can be transferred to a PC.

Dive Nitrox

Calculating Nitrox Mix is another must-do before diving because it analyzes the gas you have available. Using a dive computer to do this calculation is simpler, easier, and more accurate. Once you know the gas available, adding your mix shouldn’t be so difficult.

Apart from these functions, others make dive computers worth it; all you’d find here are the most important ones for both amateur and experienced divers.

See how to care for your dive computer here.


Dive Computers are smart devices that almost every diver needs for safety. If you didn’t find any reason to use one before, above is a list of 7 good reasons you should. Overall, investing in the essentials for diving will do you much good than you can ever imagine – whether as a beginner or experienced diver.