How to Mark & Identify Your Scuba Gear – Scuba Diving Tips


Becoming a good diver means you are ready to give it all it takes to become one. That means you will learn several diving techniques, how to treat marine life injuries, and many other significant things there is to know. Likewise, it means you already have the perfect gear prepared for an awesome diving experience.

Talking about diving gear, it is the most important thing you should hold dearly – literally. There are instances where divers mix up their gear with other people’s – funny but annoying. If you are one to make sure this never happens, you need to find a way to differentiate your gear from others.

An ideal way to personalize your scuba gear is to mark and identify it. If you could do this, it saves you a lot of trouble and allows you to access your personals easily.

This guide will teach you how to mark and identify your scuba gear and inform you of other scuba diving tips you should know.

How to Personalize Your Scuba Gear: Tips on What to Do?

You can mark your gear in several ways so that no one takes it intentionally or accidentally. If you invest in any of these methods, you can save yourself some trouble.

Recognizable Dive Bag

One of the easiest ways to personalize scuba gear is to use something different and easily recognizable. For instance, you should go for a distinct dive bag that everyone can easily recognize and describe as yours. You could decide to either go for something colorful or a distinctive mesh bag – going for conventional colors is risky.

A dive bag contains all other diving essentials; hence, it would do you so much to protect the content with a different bag. If after you’ve picked a distinctive bag, you can proceed to add a name tag that explicitly states that it is yours. Boldly, you’ve convinced other divers that it is yours.

Metal Tags

Your dive bag isn’t the only thing you should stop at in personalizing your scuba gear; you can also work on a few equipment. The BCD and the Regulator are two important pieces of equipment that can be easily mistaken among divers; however, you could work on marking yours to differentiate it from others. A perfect way to do that is using visible and durable metal tags.

These tags are quite easy to attach, and they display information such as name, emergency contact, and other vital pieces of information there is to know about a diver. These metal tags are sometimes the first-way call to safety in case anything happens to the diver.

Water-Resistant Color Markers

If there are pieces of equipment you cannot put a sticker or metal tag on, there are other ways you can mark them. One of these ways is to use water-resistant and friction color markers. They are somewhat like paint pens used to write vital information about a diver on equipment like fins, etc.

Many divers might be skeptical about this identification method because the marker could wash off underwater or pose a chemical threat to the gear. Luckily, some manufacturers designed their markers to be permanent and non-lethal. Therefore, they are safe and won’t wash off underwater.

Customized Scuba Gear

Another ideal way to mark your gear is to customize it with embroidery. Not everyone is great with fine handprints; however, with an already-made available patch, you can be able to differentiate your gear from others.

The interesting thing about embroidered patches is that they can stay for as long as possible. Even when they start coming off loose, they can either be fixed or replaced with another. Besides, the only thing that destroys them is heat, and you won’t be doing any of that.

There are many custom patches on the market, so you don’t have to worry about getting as many as you want.

Colorful Scuba Gear

Almost similar to the recognizable dive bag method is using colorful scuba gear. You will need several pieces of equipment as a diver – a professional one; hence, you might want to consider going for colorful accessories so you don’t misplace them.

Fortunately, there are many colors available for scuba gear, and you can choose them depending on your preference. You can either decide to go for the same color for all accessories and equipment or blend in the most straightforward, identifiable way possible.

Neoprene Mask Strap

If you didn’t realize this, you should know: scuba masks are one crucial thing you need to pay attention to. They also need customizing because there have been cases of people using other people’s masks accidentally. In a way, that doesn’t look hygienic and safe.

Customizing your mask isn’t a difficult thing to do because there are neoprene mask straps to help. It is one easy way to identify your mask from several others. If you don’t mind, you can choose a mask strap with the same color as the rest of your gear.

Interestingly, this strap has additional benefits, such as preventing breakage and pulling.

3D Paints

One more effective way to differentiate your gear from others is using 3D Paints. These paints have a unique, flexible texture, making it easy to brand diving equipment specially. It is a perfect choice for soft equipment and accessories. Indeed, it is a fantastic way to express the artistic side of you as a diver.

The good thing about these paints is that: they last longer. Furthermore, these 3D Paints are safe due to the non-toxic ingredients in them.


By now, you already know that so much good can come from customizing your scuba gear. The above methods aren’t the only ones you could try out; if there are other effective ways you have in mind, you shouldn’t hesitate to try them out. Overall, the goal is to mark and identify your diving gear from many others around you.