6 Best Baitcast Reel in 2021

Abu Garcia (Revo Toro) Baitcast Fishing Reel

Shimano CURADO DC, LowProfile Baitcasting Reel

SHIMANO Curado K Baitcast Reel

To make your fishing trip more fun, you can go for a selection of the best baitcasting reel. Baitcasting reels will give you optimum control over any big fish such as steelhead, redfish, Northern pike, and many more. Baitcasting reels are the most popular choice for modern-day anglers because they provide them with a firm grip and control over their bait, allowing them to catch their desired target easily.

Baitcasting reels are an essential tool for anglers who would like to catch larger fishes, and the reels also allow them to use techniques that won’t be possible on light line spinning reels. A good quality baitcasting combination provides you with a higher degree of control over your lure; it allows you to pinpoint your lure position and provides you with the power you need to pull your catch out of the deep water.

Baitcasting reels are extremely useful to anglers, but some anglers never settle down to learn the basics of these reels or how to use them. Most times, it is because anglers have the misconception that these reels are harder to use compared to regular fishing reels and that it would be difficult to learn how they work. All these misconceptions are wrong, it doesn’t take a lot to learn how these reels work, and the benefits they provide their user over conventional reels is worth the extra effort.


It is advised that anglers use high-quality spinning reels and baitcasting reels to be the most effiecient and versatile anglers out there. There are multiple techniques and lures that can be used with a baitcasting combination, and they come with their benefits that include.

Heavier Line

The spool’s axis of rotation on a baitcasting reel is perpendicular to the rod guides. This means that the line comes off directly from the line guide and straight through the rod guides. This allows the user to easily use the heavier lures and heavier lines ranging from 10 to 12 lb test on an average. A good quality baitcasting setup can cast lures from ¼ to 1 oz and even more.

Longer Casts

When you pair your baitcasting reel with the right rod, your baitcaster will easily outcast any spinning gear. The line is projected off the spool straight out of the rod guides; this is better compared to the uncoiling of a spinning reel. If you want to bomb hard baits and jigs, a baitcaster is your friend.

Reduced Line Twist

Spinning reels are known for having the most line twist, and that is not good for casting. Baitcasters release the line vertically to the spool axis, which means the only twist you will find on your line will come from your lure, especially when fishing for soft plastics.

More Control

Baitcasting reels offer you a higher degree of casting control compared to other reels, such as spinning reels. This is because it allows you to control the distance and speed of your lure by simply thumbing your spool during the cast. Once you master how to use them, you can achieve location finding accuracy with your casts, thus allowing you to place your lure at the fishes’ exact location. These reels have great control over the lure thanks to their gears and dual braking system that allows the user to slow down the spool.

More Power

Baitcasters have more power than spinning reels because of their spool’s layout and design. The spool is placed in a position where it is in line with the handles and gears; this allows the reel to apply more torque and power. Because the handles are placed directly on the reel’s frame which means there is no lever arm to cause any flex when reeling a fish hard.


There are a few factors you have to take into consideration when shopping for a baitcasting reel. Some of the most important factors to consider are choosing if you want a right or left-handed reel, the braking system, the gear ratio, the frame’s material, and the ball bearings configuration and construction. We will be taking a deeper look into all of these considerations below.

Which Should I Choose, Right Or Left Hand Model?

Selecting the correct hand configuration is vital with these types of reels because the handles can be swapped like in spinner reels. If you’re right-handed, you’ll want to go for the right-handed option; choosing the right allows you to cast with your right hand and place it in your left hand so that you can use your right hand to control the handle.

Gear Ratio

Gear ratio is simply the number of times the spool rotates every time the handle makes a full revolution. The higher the gear ratio, the faster the line retrieval will be; the lower the gear ratio, the slower the retrieve. Baitcasting reels have gear ratios ranging from 5:3:1 to 6:4:1 to 7:1:1.

A gear ratio of 6:4:1 is the ideal choice; it allows you to use any type of fishing technique and bait such as worms, topwater, jigs, shallow, cranking, and have a great performance. Other gear ratios are more specialized to specific abilities, so you’ll have to decide if that’s something you want.

Lower gear ratios ranging from 5:2:1 to 5:3:1 are best suited for fishing baits that pull hard, such as deep diving crankbaits, slow-rolling heavy spinnerbaits, and big swimbaits. The low gear ratio allows you to slowly reel the bait, thus keeping it in the strike zone for longer. It affords you a higher torque output which makes them good for moving fish out of the cover and flipping.

High gear ratios ate great for techniques where you need to pick up slack and burn a bait back to your boat. If you prefer fishing topwater frogs or toad, then a 7:1:1 baitcasting reel is your best option. They are also great at pitching plastics and jigs, letting you quickly take up slack and reel back to your boat a good catch. Majority of anglers buy multiple of these reels in varying ratios so that they have a variety of options they can use when fishing.

Braking and Tension System

The braking system of a baitcasting reel often confuses inexperienced anglers. What the braking system does is prevent the line from moving forward after the lure stopped moving. Braking systems come in two different styles, but some reels use a combination of the two styles. The two braking systems are centrifugal brakes and magnetic brakes.

Centrifugal brakes make use of friction to slow down the movement of the line, and they can be adjusted using pins. On the other hand, magnetic brakes use magnets to slow down the speed of the spool, and it can also be adjusted. The difference between them isn’t all that, but the centrifugal braking system is easier to set, and it doesn’t have to be adjusted as much as the magnetic braking system.

Good quality baitcasting reels come with a dual or smart braking system. It is vital to have a good braking system as it helps to slow down the cast to reduce or prevent backlash. Backlash is caused when your spool has a slower retrieve; it then results in an excess pile of unwinding lines that looks like a bird’s nest. A good braking system allows you to control the backlash. The tension knob helps control the line when it’s the first cast, while the braking system controls the end of the cast before the reel in.

Line Capacity

The spool size doesn’t really matter when it comes to deep water or redfish casts. But for saltwater fishing, when you intend on cast big fishes, you’ll need a spool that has a large casting capacity to reach longer distances.

Most anglers use a low profile baitcasting reel because they have a higher line capacity to handle fishes like the Northern pike and bass. You need heavy lines to catch fishes such as salmon, steelhead, and muskies.

Spool Size

A bigger spool is most beneficial if you prefer to fish with heavy lines such as a 20lb fluorocarbon. A large spool creates small coils of line that are easier to handle. For short-line applications such as pitching and flipping, smaller shallow spools are better.

Handle Size

Baitcasting reels come in different handle sizes. Most of the compact reels come with shorter handles. It may be alright for most applications, such as fishing jigs or worms but not for fishing big crankbaits or swimbaits. A longer, larger handle provided you with more torque to winch fish out of the deep cover, and they also help when punching grass mats. Oversized handles allow you to apply the crank force you need to get a smooth cast over a large fish.


Ball bearings work to smoothen the reel’s performance. The better the quality of the ball bearings, the better the operation of the reel. Some people believe that the larger the number of ball bearings, the higher the quality of the reel, but this is not necessarily true. It all depends on the quality of the bearings themselves and not their number. When selecting a reel, try to go for one with shielded bearings and anti-corrosive. Choose ball bearings made out of good quality ceramic or stainless steel.

Frame Construction

Some professional anglers may argue that there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to frame construction, but we are going to keep it simple. The two main factors to consider are if it’s round or low profile and the material it is made out of.

Round reels usually hold more lines and have the ability to hold heavier lines. They are mostly used for fights that need long runs and also used for tossing larger baits. They are mostly great for muskies, salmon, and steelheads.

Low profile reels have more ergonomic features, and they allow better wristing of the line. It is also one of the most popular and most used reels today. It is mostly used for bass and crappie.

Frames are usually made from two different materials. They are either made from aluminum or Graphite. Aluminum is stronger than Graphite, and it is usually used in higher-end reels, but it is also heavier and more expensive. On the other hand, Graphite is cheaper and lighter but isn’t usually the best choice if the reel is going to withstand a lot of abuse. You could also go for other reels made out of materials such as magnesium and other carbon composite materials; they tend to be strong and durable and will provide you with the best performance.

Choosing the best baitcasting reel may feel like a challenge to a new angler because of the limitless features that you need to consider before choosing the right baitcasting reel. You do not need to worry as we can help you find the best reel. We have created a list of the best baitcasting reels available on the market; we chose these models because of how easy they are to use and their ability to do the job. With the buying guide above, you’ll know what to look for when selecting a baitcasting reel. Let’s take a look at the list below.

The Best Baitcast Reels Are Reviewed Below

Below we have provided you with a list of the best baitcasting reels, along with their specifications, key features, pros, and cons. Having this information will allow you to make an informed choice when selecting the best baitcasting reel to meet your requirements.


Abu Garcia (Revo Toro) Baitcast Fishing Reel

This is a low profile baitcasting reel made by Abu Garcia, which has become one of the most popular baitcasting reels available on the market. It’s popular for many reasons, it is easy to use, it’s lightweight, and it’s available in two gear ratios. Its attractive features make it rank above other baitcasting reels. It comes with a side plate, an alloy frame, and corrosion-protected ball bearings, increasing the reel’s durability.

It has unique Dura gears and a Power Stack carbon drag system that provided the user with extreme drag pressures and an increased fighting power against larger fishes. If you are looking for a multi-purpose reel, then it’s best you go for the 4.9:1 Revo Toro, but if you are looking for a reel to cast in freshwater baits or you enjoy flipping jigs or soft plastic creature baits, then go for the 6.2:1 baitcasting reel. It’ll be easy for you to quickly get casts with the 6.2:1 gear ratio.

Baitcasting reels from Abu Garcia are made to last, and they are easy to use even if you’re a newbie. This reel will allow you to cast far and reel in quickly if you like hunting bass. It prevents backlash, and the line retrieval rate is fast.

When it comes to braking power, the Revo Toro is one of the best baitcasting reels; it performs faster and smoother during every cast. You can rely on this reel for any fishing occasion; it will easily cast tuna, catfish, salmon, trout, musky, redfish, walleye, and more.

Key Features:

  • Seven stainless steel hpcr bearings
  • One roller bearing
  • An Active response drag system
  • Power stack carbon matrix drag system
  • X-crafty alloy frame
  • Side plate
  • Dura gear


  • Brand: Abu Garcia
  • Model: Abu Garcia (B0777X13WP) Revo Toro Baitcast Fishing Reel
  • Weight: 600 Grams (7.6 Ounces)
  • Material: Aluminum, Carbon, and stainless steel
  • Color: Black and Blue
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to handle
  • It comes in two models, right and left-handed
  • It’s available in two gear ratios
  • It is ideal for first timers
  • It has a smooth cast with a high degree of control
  • It is quite expensive but worth it


Shimano CURADO DC, LowProfile Baitcasting Reel

The Curado DC is one of the latest releases from Shimanos. This reel comes with all the tech you could think of; it comes with the Hagane alloy body, micro module gears, X-ship pinion support, and cross carbon drag, but the most impressive feature is the I-DC4 digital braking system.

The digital braking system it comes with is a tiny microcontroller inside the reel that monitors your spool speed. Each time you cast, the chip makes a measurement of your spool speed at 1,000 per second to automatically make adjustments to the brake’s pressure. It allows anglers of any experience level to be highly efficient. It allows you to change technique and lure weight without constantly re-adjusting the reel’s setup. With less effort, you’ll be able to achieve smooth and long casts even if you’re casting a light Texas Rig worm or flipping a jig.

It may sound too good to be real, but if you read the instructions before using the reel, then you would know that the I-DC4 is already factory tuned and doesn’t require any adjustments.

Key Features:

  • I-DC4 digital control braking system
  • Side plate
  • Micromodule gear system
  • X-ship system


  • Brand: Shimano
  • Model: Shimano CURADO DC (B07FN3VCJG) Baitcasting Reel
  • Weight: 7.8 to 7.9 Ounces
  • Material: Hagane alloy
  • Color: Grey
  • It is incredibly versatile
  • It provides you with smooth and long casts
  • It is durable
  • It comes with advanced tech that allows you to enjoy the reel much more
  • It is a bit heavier than other reels


SHIMANO Curado K Baitcast Reel

Shimano provided you with more options via the Curado K series reels. This reel comes in the latest Shimano reel technology, and it also comes in different gear ratios. This brand has built their legacy on being the go-to reel for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Its oversized handles provide you with better control over your lure.

This reel uses S3D known as the Shimano Stable Spool Design; these spool design features lead to significantly fewer spool vibrations. It uses a thin aluminum wall constructed spool to create a smoothness during casting and reeling in lures.

This reel uses a micromodule gear system that has more smaller gear teeth which provides better teeth contact to reach high speeds and get smoother performance. An additional advantage is that the friction between the spool shaft and the gear is gone, thereby enhancing the cast performance for lighter lures and allowing longer casts.

It uses an SVS infinity braking system that is easy to manage and has consistent control over the spool and braking force. It also features brake weights that make use of inner friction against the raceway during casting.

The SVS Infinity controls the spool speed when combined with light lures, and it also has external adjustment knobs that allow you quickly make precise adjustments for any condition, even when you switch baits.

If you enjoy inshore bass fishing, this reel will be the best option. It comes in two gear ratios, so you can choose the one that best benefits you. Its large handle provided you with a good move and also gives you more cast power.

Key Features:

  • SVS infinity braking system
  • Monoline capacity of 8/180, 10/155, and 14/110
  • Line retrieve capacity of 26 inches
  • Six bearings and one roller bearing
  • A gear ratio of 7.4:1
  • A maximum drag of 11 lbs


  • Brand: SHIMANO
  • Model: SHIMANO (B0764KTFZJ) Curado K Baitcast Reel
  • Weight: 8 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.3 * 4.33 * 4.33 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Grey
  • It’s a low profile baitcasting reel
  • It has great spool control
  • It provided you with smooth and efficient casts
  • It is highly reliable
  • It is durable and longlasting
  • Its handle is quite small


Lew’s Team Hyper Mag Baitcast Reel

This reel from the Team Lew’s has all of Lew’s reel tech. It is a premium baitcaster that is still priced reasonably for serious anglers. Anglers that enjoy tournaments will love the sensitivity and comfort of this magnesium reel.

The concept behind this reel is to be light, strong, and fast. The reel is built as a one-piece magnesium frame with C45 carbon side plates. The handle and knobs are also made out of carbon fiber and cork EVA composite. The spool is constructed out of machined aluminum to maintain tight roundness, but it also has a V-shaped profile for level winding; it is also drilled to reduce the weight.

The performance of this reel is as refined as the reel itself. Reels from Lew’s usually provide their users with great casting, and this one is no exception. Its casting abilities come from the double-shielded ball bearings, audible tension clicker, and an external adjustable centrifugal braking system.

Key Features:

  • One-piece magnesium frame
  • Lightweight carbon side plates
  • Aircraft-grade hard-anodized aluminum alloy gears
  • Duralumin drilled and chamfered U shape spool
  • Gear ratios of 7.5:1 and 8.3:1
  • Line capacity of 12/110 mono and 30/110 braid


  • Brand: Lew’s Team
  • Model: Lew’s Team Hyper Mag (B07NW1DHBR) Baitcast Reel
  • Weight: 5.4 oz (0.6 Pounds)
  • Material: Magnesium and Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver and Black
  • It has an incredibly durable magnesium frame
  • Its gears are made out of aluminum which makes them durable
  • It has an adjustable internal braking system with four pins and 27 positions
  • The Lew’s company has great customer service
  • It is highly-priced but worth the price


Daiwa (TACT100P) TATULA CT Baitcast Reel

This model of Daiwa is an upgraded version from the Tatula family; it now comes with a more compact design. It’s easy for first-timers to use because of its handle that provided you with a good grip; it’s a small reel with a big and smooth handle. It is a base model and well suited for new anglers with its features.

It comes with a TWS T-wing system that allows the free flow of line from the reel, and this provides an enhanced casting distance and accuracy, which is great. It also features a carbon drag braking system with a corrosion-resistant clutch so that you can use this reel during multiple seasons with little wear and tear.

This reel works in any water body, and it also prevents backlash. With this reel, you’ll get everything you need in a biatcaster.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum frame
  • Side plate
  • Tournament carbon drag UTD
  • MagForce-z cast control
  • Corrosion-resistant clutch mechanism
  • Gear ratios of 5.5:1, 6.3:1 and 7.3:1
  • Maximum drag og 13.2 lbs
  • 7 + 1 bearings


  • Brand: Daiwa
  • Model: Daiwa (TACT100P) TATULA CT Baitcast Reel
  • Weight: 10.58 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 5.91 * 3.15 * 5.91 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Grey and Red
  • It is lightweight
  • It comes with eight ball bearings
  • It is durable thanks to its aluminum construction
  • It provided you with smooth casts
  • It uses the TWS casting system
  • It’s quite noisy during casts


Piscifun Phantom Baitcasting Reel

This reel is a one-piece carbon fiber-designed reel; that is why it is so light. It is ideal for those who enjoy casting with lightweight reels. It is as light as a feather, so you can cast the whole day without getting tired, and that’s an impressive feature. It has a high gear ratio of 7:1, so you would love this reel if you enjoy fast fishing. It’s not oversized, but it does what you need; it also comes with 6 + 1 ball bearings.

It will provide you with great casting abilities and a smooth retrieve. It was designed with aircraft-grade aluminum gear, meaning it will provide you with the best performance and a lot of strength. It comes with a dual braking system for optimum control over the casts and retrieves.

It uses both centrifugal and magnetic brakes. The magnets apply pressure on the spool to smoothen the casting speed, while the centrifugal brake system uses system drag to control the speed of the spool. Centrifugal brakes are more powerful than magnetic brakes.

Key Features:

  • Carbon fiber frame
  • High-performance gear ratio
  • Double hard aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Pinion gear paired with four disc carbon fiber drag washers
  • Dual brake
  • Extended carbon crank handle
  • A maximum drag of 17 lbs


  • Brand: Piscifun
  • Model: Piscifun Phantom (B07FKNQTVB) Baitcasting Reel
  • Weight: 5.7 Ounces
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Black
  • It is budget-friendly
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • It provided you with smooth casts
  • It has a large handle which makes it comfortable to use
  • It has great value for money
  • Some users have complained about its durability

Buying Guide Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions concerning baitcasting reels.

Which baitcasting reel is the best?

Our top pick for baitcasting reels is the Abu Garcia Revo Toro Baitcast Fishing Reel. It has all the features you need a good quality baitcasting reel.

Are expensive baitcasaters worth it?

If you can spend money on a high-end baitcaster, then they are worth it.

Which baitcast cast longest? What are baitcasters best for?

Different baitcasters have varying casting distances, but our top pick is the Shimano CURADO DC, LowProfile Baitcasting Reel.

Baitcasters offers you more control and more accurate casts. It also allows you to slow your lure down into the water so that it doesn’t spook the fish.

What is the easiest baitcaster to use?

The Abu Garcia Revo SX is one of the easiest baicaster to use.

What type of reel cast the farthest?

Baitcast reels tend to cast the farthest because they can handle heavier lines than spinning reels.

Should you spend more on a rod or reel?

The quality of the rod you use is more important than the reel. The rod can allow you to feel bites easier, but the line you use is also important.

How much should I spend on a fishing rod?

How much you spend on a fishing rod depends on your budget and the specifications you want.

Why does my baitcaster not cast far?

It might be because your casting drag is set too high.

Why do bass fishermen use baitcasters? Should I use braid on my baitcaster?

Bass fishermen usually use baitcasters because they fish in areas with heavy weeds, so they need a strong line that can withstand it, and baitcasters have more torque to handle heavy lines.

You can use a braid line on your baitcaster, they are a bit more expensive, but they have their benefits.


Baitcasting reels are well known for having great casting control with reduced backlash. After practicing how to use them, they can become an excellent tool that’s provide you with control and accuracy. Before purchasing a baitcasting reel, you need to know the kind of fish you would be baiting and the distance before choosing a reel. Baitcasting reels are more suitable for professional anglers. With the information provided above, you should be able to choose the right baitcasting reel for your needs.

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