Different Fishing Rod Types and Uses Explained


Getting a fishing rod is not something to jump right into. There is much more than just getting the rod. When you’re about to buy one, you might be looking at things that will leave you worried and pondering on which one to pick. It could be things like the species and size of fishes you’re aiming for, the cost of the rods you want to use, etc. However, these are vital points to think about whenever you’re selecting a fishing rod.

As a beginner, selecting the right fishing rods might get you confused. Aside from the kind of fishes or cost of the fishing rods, the fishing environment is still a major factor. All these will keep you thinking about which rods will best suit your game.

Above all, it will be easier if you knew the different types of fishing rods that exist and their uses, just like the way we will be explaining it in this article…

Things To Look Out For When Choosing Fishing Rods

There are lots of species of fishes present in various water bodies. The particular ones you aim for and how you go about getting them are mostly considered when looking out for fishing rods.

Most anglers prefer rods that are fit for catching various species, while others prefer rods that could battle a specific species. Many fishing methods available today can limit you from using some rods to fish. Your choice of rods must suit whatever angle of fishing you practice, to achieve favorable results.

Moreover, when you’re faced with many options to choose from, you can tailor your decisions by questioning yourself based on your preferences; Do you mostly base on land while fishing? Are you going off rock or beach fishing? Is it going to be done off piers or jetties? Are you heading for salt or freshwaters? Are you fond of taking a rod along with you while traveling? Are kayaks and boats where you like fishing from? When you carefully ask yourself these questions, it will help you make careful choices as you will have more understanding of the kind of rod that’ll suit your preferences.

Fishing Rods: Types and Uses

Spinning Fishing Rods

These rods are very common and perform great on every angler’s hand, regardless of the level of their skill. A well-fitted spinning reel lies beneath the rods making it more versatile. When the reels are assembled with these rods, it makes spinning rods perfect for casting lines. Also, during bait fishing, these rods can be very effective. Read more on other types of fishing reels.

With spinning rods, you can aim for a broad extent of the little fishes to the medium species. Moreover, if you like fishing from boats, spinning rods will make your day.

Fly Fishing Rods

Whenever you talk of fly fishing, a fly rod is commonly mentioned. This aspect of fishing is what they are mainly built for, and they only work well when fly reels are used. Lots of techniques are involved during fly fishing, and these rods play their part well. This form of fishing is more like hunting which needs forbearance and powerful tricks to get the job done.

Surf Fishing Rods

Among the fishing rod family, these rods are the giants. It’s evident from the name that they’re great for surf fishing. Their length is about 4 to 5metres. They have easy mobility as you can split them into several parts, making them fit anywhere when transporting them.

They are very long such that it enables anglers to cast them to a very long range. You can cast your lines from the shores far beyond the breaking waves to a good area. This way, an angler has increased chances of catching fishes because the spot over the breaking waves is where fishes like to eat.

Baitcasting Fishing Rods

Rods like this are pretty versatile and are great options other than spinning rods to use. However, the suggested users are expert anglers. This is because they have much experience and cast more accurately. However, a baitcasting rod and reel might not be pleasing to anglers that are still learning. This will make handling the rod very uneasy, thereby creating higher chances of the spool knotting or twisting. So, if you are an amateur, these won’t be a good fit.

Overhead Fishing Rods

An ideal rod for boat fishing. Overhead rod appears shorter than casting rod in length. These rods work well when overhead reels are assembled with them. They can battle large species of fishes in the deep sea. With a combination of an overhead rod and reel, much casting isn’t done. You have to just wait for the fish to bite after you drop your line. Here’s a detailed explanation of several types of fishing lines that you can read about.

Kids Fishing Rods

These are rods with sizes that are okay for kids. You should always consider size when selecting rods for kids. A big rod can’t be easy for kids to handle. Kids can get uncomfortable and begin to limit their involvement in the fishing activity. So kids rods offer many conveniences for kids.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

Considering space, a telescopic rod is sure to fit somewhere around your home, especially when full-sized rods can’t fit. If you always take your rods along with you while traveling, these rods are convenient for that. For people who always hit the road often, they are portable enough to fit right in your vehicle’s boot

Generally, a spinning reel is the best reel to use for this type of rod. The smaller and medium-sized fishes are the sizes these rods can handle most.


With this article, hopefully, you’re now enlightened on various rods and the areas they work well for. So, the next time you head to the market, you would carefully make decisions on rods before buying them.

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