Best Snorkeling in Cozumel


Snorkeling in Cozumel is one of the most adventurous trips any fun seeker will ever make. The “Divers Paradise,” as it is called, is located 10 miles off the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico on a Caribbean island. The island itself stretches an impressive 28 miles in length and a further 9 miles in width. Cozumel indeed lives up its name with extremely clear and turquoise waters, and fun marine creatures.

Whether it’s recreational snorkeling with friends and families or alone, the Cozumel offers lots of fascinating snorkeling spots, and it gets even better; most of the snorkeling spots are located within 25minutes from the dock to the dive site. The water conditions are favorable all year round and provides the right water conditions for individuals or groups of people who intend to have a great time snorkeling, and irrespective of the season, you are assured a fabulous time snorkeling in the clear waters of Cozumel.

What is the water condition in Cozumel?

Water temperature in Cozumel can range from 77°F(25°C) in winter, and in summer you should expect an average temperature of 85°F(29°C). Cozumel’s water visibility is consistently between 24-30meters(80-100 feet), and water depth is between the range of 33-131 Feet approximately (10-40m). Ensure to reach out to tour operators to be on the safe side.

Getting to snorkel spots

Most tour operators offer transportation from resorts or cruise ports to snorkel sports on demand, and also have dive experts on ground to help out should in case you require any help or assistance. You can also purchase food and drinks in concession stands on the coast, before heading out to have a great time snorkeling on the waters of Oahu.

Cozumel offers great snorkeling spots for both beginner and advanced swimmers. And for beginners, you have no reason to worry as these dive operators are ever ready to show you around the waters and also help you get the best snorkeling time. However, always follow the dive operators’ instructions and stay away from the watersides restricted by these experts, as they know the waters more than you do.

Best Snorkeling in Cozumel

Here are the top 6 highly recommended snorkeling spots in Cozumel you should definitely try out

El Cielo

First off is El Cielo Cozumel. This wonderful snorkel spot is ideal for beginners and divers who haven’t really found their feet in snorkeling. El Cielo is located about a mile and a half of the Cozumel shoreline and is only accessible by boat. If you crave to see starfishes and stingrays, then El Cielo is the place for you. Besides, this insanely greenish-blue water is perfect for kids and amateur divers as it features smooth sand beds gently caressing your feet and shallow waters typically around the waist level.

Palancar reef

Next off, the Palancar Reef. This snorkel spot is best for advanced swimmers as it can reach depths of 80-120 feet. The Palancar reef is about 45 minutes south, off San Miguel, and features unique underwater topography, features such as- underwater caverns, ledges, enormous reef drop-offs, and an abundance of marine life and colorful, striking corals. While snorkeling in the Palancar reefs, be sure to spot eels, spotted eagle manta rays, turtles, and even Barracudas! The Palancar is sure to offer more fun and excitement while snorkeling.

C-53 Shipwreck Felipe Xicotencatl

Are you more of a wreck diver? Then make the Felipe Xicotencatl C-53 shipwreck your next snorkeling destination. If you love exploring underwater wrecks, then this wreck is a must for snorkeling and advanced swimmers. The C-53 shipwreck was donated to the Cozumel underwater park in 1999 and has since served as an artificial reef to this fascinating marine sanctuary. The 184-foot long Colossus is indeed a charming sight to behold. Whether you intend to snorkel or explore the wrecks covered in red-colored sponges, be sure to have the best of your time.


The Tormentos reef is another spectacular snorkeling spot and features a cerulean blue colored water. Going underwater, you will find a canvas of colorful sponges on display and a plethora of marine creatures for you to feed your eyes. Snorkeling in the Tormentos offers you opportunities to occasionally spot captivating sea creatures like large schools of grunts and snappers in underwater tunnels and holes, also check out ledges for lobsters. If you are lucky enough, you will spot the splendid toadfish. Tormentos reef also provides you the opportunity to snorkel around turtles, nurse sharks, and in rare cases, you can spot honeycombed cowfish, seahorse, scorpionfish, and eagle ray. Ensure you visit the Tormentos reef during the early hours as strong currents tend to hit the waters at noon.

Chankanaab Park

This snorkeling spot lies within 4 miles south of the cruise port. You can easily access the waters through the boat ladders and have a good time snorkeling while keeping a close watch for angelfishes, sea urchins, snappers, anemonefish, and eels. The Chankanaab Park features shallow and clears waters with a mild current perfect for snorkeling. The shallow waters of the Chankanaab Park are ideal for families with kids who intend to snorkel around and have a fun time together. This popular snorkeling spot also features an underwater bronze sculpture of the Virgin Mary and Jesus; ensure to bring with you a water-proof camera to take amazing shots of these sculptures.

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park

Located On the southern side of the island, the Punta Sur Eco Beach Park is accessible via a taxi or a rental car. This great snorkeling spot features healthy, vibrant corals and purple fans In its turquoise waters. While snorkeling, you can sight tropical sea creatures like turtles, lobsters, and stingrays.


Snorkeling is one fun and exciting activity to carry out while in Cozumel, having to take a glimpse of the underwater world while also experiencing the uniqueness of nature in Cozumel and colorful display of sea creatures in their natural habitats. Vibrantly colored reefs, healthy reefs, underwater tunnels, fascinating tropical sea creatures are features you should look out for while snorkeling in Cozumel. Whether it’s a fun time with family, friends, or a solo trip to Cozumel, this comprehensive list of the best snorkeling in Cozumel is intended to give you the best snorkeling of your life.

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