Best Snorkeling In The Caribbean


Snorkeling is when a person swims on or through a body of water adorned with a breathing tube called a snorkel, which allows you to breathe with your face down; one may wear a swimsuit, fins, etc. The snorkel is a hollow tube which allows the wearer to breathe surface air while underwater with the face downwards.

Snorkeling is entertaining and can be done by non-swimmers. Snorkeling is usually done to go and view underwater beauty such as schools of fishes, coral reefs, underwater plants, caves, etc.

The idea of Snorkeling most probably starts in the year 350 B.C when Aristotle observed an elephant in the water, using its trunk to breathe. Leonard DA Vinci created the first of what we know as the modern snorkel in the 16th century. He made a tube with a hole and opening on both ends, then attached it to diverse elements.

Best snorkeling site in the Caribbean

Snorkeling is best done in shallow blue water, which is exactly what the Caribbean waters are like.

Best snorkeling in the Caribbean include;


Anguilla is one of the longest British beaches. Its popular snorkeling spots are shoal bay east, little bay, prickly pear, and sandy island. For shoal bay ewas, you can snorkel right off the beaches. Shoal bay east is to the right of Elodias.

What attracts the most is the outer edge, where sea fans and corals are many, but the other spots require boats to get to it, except little bay, which can be reached by scaling the cliffs. Little bay is one of the best spots in Anguilla with its beautiful blue water coral reefs and plenty of exotic and colorful fishes.

With its beautiful underwater coral reefs and colorful marine life, Anguilla is a great place for snorkeling.

Booby Cay Is an island off the shore of Negril in Jamaica, is among the best spots for snorkeling for Amateurs who can not venture to deep water yet. It is named after the bird species called booby, which return every year to lay eggs. The water is flanked by fishes, corrals, etc., a great spot for snorkeling.

The island can only be got to by boat, so it’s secluded and usually quiet. The underwater coral reef is home to thousands of colorful marine lives. This snorkeling area is best for those who prefer some solitude while they are snorkeling.

US Virgin Islands

A great attraction to those who take snorkeling seriously. With spots like St John island, St Croix, St Thomas. St John’s is the best location for snorkeling in US virgin island with its shallow water. The entry is rocky, and snorkelers should be aware of sea urchins. There are beautiful hard and soft corals with varieties of Caribbean fish.

Coki Beach is a snorkeling heaven in St Thomas, with chest-deep water, different varieties of tropical fishes, and can even be explored at night.

Secret Harbor, with the same enticing conditions as Coki beach, is a snorkeler heaven one of the best st Thomas, US Virgin Islands.


The Bahamas has hundreds of beaches, but the island best for snorkeling in the Bahamas is Exuma cays land and sea land. It’s the choicest place for visitors who wished to have a complete snorkeling experience. It has many blue holes filled with freshwater, caves of land, and marine of different varieties.

The second best place for snorkeling in the Bahamas is the Andros Barrier Reef. It’s one of the most popular spots in the Bahamas for snorkeling and the third largest reef complex globally. It’s teeming with various varieties of exotic fish in the world.

There is also Deadman’s, Grand Bahamas. It got its gloomy name from pirates trying to escape who risked their lives trying to navigate the area at night during the pirate prohibition era.

Cayman Island

In Grand Cayman capital city of Rwanda, the remains of a shipwreck named Cali is an eyesight to behold. A shipwrecked when carrying dozens of bags of rice. There was a leak on the ship, causing the rice to expand, and burst to split the ship into two. It is very close to land where urchins, octopus, eels and more, move around it.

With its butterflyfish, sea turtles swimming very close to the beach are an attraction for snorkelers who frolic with the sea tenants, who are seemingly unafraid of people.

Stingray City and Sand Bar is the best place for snorkeling on Cayman Island.

Safety measures while snorkeling

While mostly a harmless sport, carelessness might prove fatal. You should note these things when snorkeling.

  1. Never snorkel alone; always go snorkeling with two or more persons.
  2. Stay close to shore the sea life is unpredictable, and you never know when a tsunami might occur or some other terrible thing.
  3. Don’t touch marine life; you don’t know which one will shock you or give you allergies. Be aware of boat traffic. A boat accident can happen like a car accident.

Advantages of snorkeling

Snorkeling is a kind of exercise that lets your heart pump harder and better develop your muscles. It lowers the risk of certain heart problems, resulting in longer life. It helps increase joint mobility and the overall health wellbeing of a person.

Snorkeling can be a time to come closer with your loved ones as you admire the beautiful and colorful underwater kingdom. It’s a chance to admire and appreciate the beauty of mother nature. Exploring underwater is a whole adventure, with varieties of beautiful colorful fishes, corals, reefs, caves to explore and possibly treasure to be discovered.

Snorkeling is a great way to pass the time, especially during the holidays.


Conclusion snorkeling is a creative pastime activity, of which almost anybody can take part in. The thrill of the beautiful colorful Underwater sea is beguiling. Coupled with the fact that it’s not dangerous or life threatening. Non swimmers can stay in the shallow parts and snorkel. Caribbean, with its beautiful blue water, is the perfect place for snorkeling.

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