15 Common Scuba Hand Signals for Safe Scuba Diving

Overview Communication is important for secure scuba diving. However, with the second stage of the controller in the mouth, it’s extremely difficult to certainly communicate a message to one’s mate. This is when finger signs from scuba diving come through. Okay The very first sign is the “Okay” hand gesture which most scuba divers understand. … Read more

Different Types Of Scuba Fins

Introduction Scuba-diving, like most water sports, is an extensive and exciting activity with its own equipments and instruments with which it’s carried out. These equipment which are quite essential and basic for scuba-diving, include wetsuits, diving gear, scuba find, drysuits, among others. Scuba-diving occurs in water bodies of great depths and sometimes may be regarded … Read more

10 Struggles of a Scuba Diver – The Life of Scuba Diving

Overview Wonderful marine life and mysterious shorelines from around globe have turned common tourist attractions in their very way, as scuba diving is a common leisure activity.It must not be ignored, though, that scuba diving is an intense sport requiring preparation and a permit. Also has its many strange incidents and possibly serious threats. Some … Read more