Best Scuba Diving In USA


Over the years, scuba diving has been considered a natural way to connect to the marine habitat, the ability to ‘Fly’ and move freaky underwater is just unique. Scuba diving opens your eyes to a whole new world underwater and the total weightlessness you feel not having to deal with gravity. Whether it’s just total cravings for the marine habitat, an urge to connect with nature naturally, or having to see the colorful reefs and beautiful ocean life through your eyes is just fascinating. You never get tired of scuba diving! It is just fun and excitements throughout, and guess what? The United States is naturally graced with a lot of these cool scuba diving sites.

Here are the best scuba diving sites in the US you should definitely check out

Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, also known as the “wreck capital of Hawaii,” is a place where a lot of wonders unfold before your very eyes. There are over 10 wrecks in the Oahu waters readily available to recreational scuba divers; an example is the San Pedro and YO-257 shipwrecks, intentionally sunk by the Atlantis Submarine company. These wrecks now serve as artificial reefs and home to a handful of marine lives like the Frogfish, turtle, eagle rays, etc. While diving the Oahu waters, here are a few sites to dive:- turtle canyons, horseshoe reef, sea tiger, Kewalo pipe and the Nautilus reef, etc. See Best snorkeling in Oahu .

Kona, Hawaii

Blackwater diving and night-diving are awesome features associated with Kona. This underwater sanctuary is a real wonder of nature. Experience natures wonders while snorkeling with underwater lava formations, or take an unforgettable dive into Kona’s waters in the night time encounter with manta rays; this scenario is made possible with the aid of Kona’s beach resorts shore light where this giant manta rays come up to feed on planktons drawn to the water surface by the diving boat torch beams, the manta rays become visible from underwater for scuba divers to behold. You can also visit the right spots to handout with sea turtles like the Turtle pinnacle. Other excellent dive sites include

Eel Cove: This diving site is mostly for beginning divers as the water depth is shallow, and experts guide you, so you don’t get into any trouble.

Blackwater dive: located 2-3 miles off the Kona coast. This dive site is intended for real adventure seekers who dare to dive into the pitch black waters. Dangling down a dive boat from where you can spot pelagic creatures swim by with the aid of your swimsuit torch.

Monterey Bay, California.

This captivating site to behold is home to many marine lives, some of which you may never find anywhere else. Monterey bay contains one of the richest marine habitats in California. With beautiful sightings of harbor seals, rock cods, abalone and leopard sharks, etc.

The water condition in Monterey Bay is generally favorable throughout the year; whether it’s in the summer or winter, the monetary bay offers a clear and highly favorable water condition for scuba divers and fun-seekers alike. The Monterey Bay contains features like sheltered coves, clear water, and favorable water conditions, be sure to look out for shrimps, eels, and juvenile fishes while snorkeling.

With sheltered coves and clear water, the monetary bay is one places for snorkeling and also one great diving site you won’t regret visiting.

Channel Islands, California

Channel islands offer a lot in sea life than you can ever imagine, some of which could be considered the last universal ancestors. Diving in the Channel island waters tosses you into a plethora of marine life scenarios, like the lush kelp forests that can reach heights of 120 feet, sun rays striking through warm and clear waters of the island. While snorkeling, you can check out rock fissures and crevices underwater for sea creatures like octopus, abalone, moral eels, and other exotic creatures. Snorkeling to the sea grounds, you’ll find sand and stone reefs that further depict the wonders of nature. While diving, you should watch out for other playful marine swimmers like dolphins and seahorses. The channel islands truly depict tropical wildlife at its peak, definitely a must for Scuba diving!

Santa Catalina Island, Florida

Catalina offers a lot of diving sites, but the one that sure stands out is Ship rock. The ship rock site features canyons and ledges, which attract fishes such as the sunfish and the yellowtail tuna. This beautiful scuba diving site lies within 2 miles off the coast. Diving in this site will require a thick wetsuit or a drysuit as temperature levels can range from 55-72°F. While diving, expect to encounter fascinating sea creatures like leopard sharks, Pacific octopus, sheepshead, and angel sharks in the kelp. The fantastic site also features the bountiful lushness of the underwater kelp forests.

Bonne Terre Mine, Missouri

Do you crave fun and exciting adventures? Then the Bonne Terre mine is just the place for you. Abandoned in 1962 due to a lack of resources. Explore these human-made underwater caverns; while snorkeling, you can see artifacts like ore carts, ladders, shovels, and drills on the mine’s ground surface. The water condition in the Bonne Terre mine is favorable all year round and available for all divers levels.


With a plethora of diving sites made readily available for all levels of divers to explore in the US, scuba diving can never go wrong, as you experience cascades of fascinating scenery unfold before your eyes. With unreal underwater rock formations, sunken wrecks, lava formations, healthy sea reefs, marine creatures, and the lushness of the underwater kelp forest. Should you want to Experience more extraordinary events, then explore the Kona waters in the night-time dive with manta rays. Diving is fun and exciting, and the sites as mentioned earlier are ever ready to offer you that memorable experience.

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