Introducing the Drew Crew


I’m in Fiji with Joshua Drew and his team from the Columbia University. We’ve been in Fiji’s capital, Suva, for a few days getting prepped for the field – sorting permits, meeting people, setting up equipment, all the things that need to happen before we head off to the study site.

When Josh very kindly invited me to join the team to document what they get up to out here, I naturally jumped at the chance to revisit Fiji. So, I’m going to be posting blogs and videos here. You can follow us on Twitter too #CUinFiji.

Here’s the first video I shot with the team, down at the waterfront on a moody, cloudy day in Suva. I got Josh, Amy, Abigail, Madeline and Erin to introduce themselves and tell us a bit about why we’re here in Fiji.



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  1. Fantastic work…an experiment in document-as-you-go science…I love it. What a perfect group / project and place. Can’t wait to see the next installment!

    • Helen Scales says:

      Thanks Michael! We have a really great team out here and we’re all really excited to get stuck into the science. More from us soon!

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